Bullying & Teens

Bullying has been one of the problems of teens since many decades. Teens fall prey to bullying even if its not their mistake. The constant pressure from their seniors leads them to do various things even if they are not willing to do. They include doing projects, assignments and also stripping if demanded by the bullies. The pressure might lead to various problems like depression and also may to lead to suicides. Being bullied may also impact teens on their studies. The only solution to bullying is informing teachers and parents and solving the problem. Other things might lead to bullying being increased. In some cases bullying also leads to murders, killings etc. Teens being bullied don't get scared inform your parents and get ready for good times. All the best!

Attention Seeking Behaviour & Teens

Attention seeking behaviour in teens is very common. It is mostly in this age group where this type of behaviour is widespread. A child that wants attention will get it by some means. This is usually done in a positive way. They make some drawing or perform a play and seek attention but that’s not the case in teens. Most teens enjoy when they are the centre of attraction. It is exciting for the individual to have other people who are interested in them. For some teens this desire for attention can drive in using maladaptive behaviours but this does not help them in a long run. Attention seeking behaviour in teens can be dangerous due to many reasons. To name a few,

  1. The individual may put his/her own health in danger for seeking attention. 
  2. Teens engaging themselves in such type of behaviour find it difficult in developing lasting and meaningful relationships. 
  3. This type of behaviour is going to have an impact on their academics also.

Teens tend to get into this type of behaviour when the individual is dealing with low-esteem, felling very lonely. The most common reason for teens doing this kind of behaviour is in order to make one feel like a very valuable person. It is rightly said that if one makes up his/her mind he/she can definitely succeed. Teens can overcome this type of behaviour by increasing their self esteem and developing emotional sobriety. They will be happy in their own skin and no longer feel a need to be the centre of attention.


"Mood swing" a Teen problem

Mood swing is an extreme change or rapid change in the mood of a person. Such mod swings are faced by us usually when we are bored or tired or sad. When such a thing happens we tend to become lazy and have no interest in doing anything. And some people also develop mood disorders by using DRUGS and incomplete self patterns. We must always keep our self esteem high. Scientifically it has been proved that when we get bored, we tend to do something crazy or something capricious and find it easy to solve problems and plan something. But sometimes mood swing can be disruptive. Usually depression is achieved when we have less friends, have more friends but when all of them ignore us and when your loved one cheats you or breaks up with you. At such times we must believe in ourselves and instead of going into depression we must make sure we take up the reason for depression as a challenge and prove the other person/people wrong. Never give up . Tell yourself You are no less than the others. When you experience a mood swing a positive or a negative one, try to eliminate it and express the divinity in you. 


"Change" A word of Teens!

Change is inevitable, no one can escape it but we have to make sure we change for the good. In our day to day lives we hear this word change most of the time. Teachers tell us change your attitude, Parents tell us to improve ourselves and grow. Even the people we love the most ask us to change and sometimes even they change. When this usually happens between people who love each other, they get separated but sometimes they can sustain it and change according to the situation. If we cant change the situation we need to change ourselves. Change is very important in our life. Some people change for the good of other people, sacrificing their own interest and such a person doesn't suffer in his life but actually enjoys it and live with the satisfaction that because of him/her someone is happy. People change. We need to always be ourselves when we are in a relationship and not change or wear a disguise because in future we can never be who we were. We need to accept people who accept who we are and also we need to make sure they don't change who they are too. Also we need to have our own self respect and self identity. We should not turn ourselves into bad things that kind of change is harmful. "A change through struggle , is the change that lifts you up!".Be the change you want to see

Social Media & Teens

The world is changing. People are becoming less social. They depend on technology for all their work. Reading, writing, searching, talking everything is done using technology. Teens are more active on social media then in schools and colleges. Everything they do is put up on Facebook or Twitter or any social networking site. There are lots of teens who exploit the social media. They use it to bully their friends or any unknown people which can lead to many tragedies. They also use it to spoil their lives browsing some unwanted stuff and often get into trouble. They also put their families into trouble by risking their lives and losing their respect in the society. Some teens get excited by the advertisements shown and end up doing something stupid not knowing of future consequences. Teens, chill it down. Take social media as an asset to make you grow in a positive way and give you success. Have fun.


Teens and Drugs

Teenage is the age of fun, fashion, experiment and attitude. Teenage is the time when all teens become conscious of their looks. They try different ways so that they look better. Taking drugs is one of them. They feel doing drugs will make them look cool and feel cool. But they often forget that taking drugs is inviting death to themselves. They take drugs loose respect, loose themselves and loose everything. In the excitement of taking drugs they think of wild and easy ways to earn money. They forget who they are and from where they belong to. Peer pressure also is a factor which pushes teens into the world of drugs. Taking drugs not only effects the person taking them but also ppl around him/her. So readers reading this think before you do anything stupid. A bad decision may ruin your life. All the best. Have fun( without drugs) ;)


Love,Commitment & Teens

When it comes to love , all that comes to our mind is loving people. But love is something very broad which has several meanings but not a perfect one. They say Love happens at first sight which is very true. Coming to school life all that we teenagers experience is infatuation,which is a kind of a beginner level of Love. And scientifically it is been proven that it is very hard for boys especially to accept commitment from a girl. If they make a promise to love you forever it so may happen that the promise would be broken soon by at least 90% of teens. This is because of one of the parts of the brain i.e the judgment center is not yet completely developed to make decisions. Anyways it is usually advised not to fall in love and experiment. Developing Love while you are still studying can make your life very miserable and little serious too. Sometimes you end up taking virulent things harming your health. Not only do your grades go low even you start losing the love of your parents gradually. But 1 out of 10 chances are there that everything goes in a positive way. If u want to become something great in your life. Save your love for that moment when you reach great heights because that is when is the perfect time for Love. "The essential ingredient of Love is TIMING!"

Music & Feelings

Life is full of emotions. No person on earth has no feelings. Let it be a mother, teacher, thief, terrorist.
All people in this world are bound with feelings. A mother with the feeling of love. A teacher with feeling of concern. A thief with the feeling of hostility and a terrorist with a feeling anger. All people have some or the other kind of feelings. So does music. Each and every type of music has great deal of feelings in it. Love, sadness, anger, name it and its there. Music a medium which can change people's lives in any way- good or bad. It can create the feeling of love in one while feeling of anger or despair in other. Music has the great power of heeling autistic children which even drugs cant. Just as a fan bring coolness to us music brings in the wave of feelings in our hearts. Liten to music listen to life.