Women! You are radiant as fire,
Lady! Thou are the smell of desire,
Thou resemble the timbre of perfection,
Your glance is full of intoxication.

Porcelain skin, hair entwined with passion,
You can start wars and begin an aggression.
As impenetrable as the deep azure;
They think you are heavenly, I'm sure.

Somebody's mother, thou somebody's child,
For some you are etheral, yet also wild.
Women you have confiscated my attention,
What are you made of? My sole complication!

Does the blossom on you come from sanguine?
Where do you get from that nimbus of shine?
You have been chased since the birth of history,
But we don't want to solve 'The sweetest Mystery.'


Work Hard and Dont Give Up!

Life is strange! You never know when it can knock you down and give you shocks! These can be good and bad! You might not be expecting it. This is life! Here nothing can be predicted! Its a journey which everyone has a ticket of but no predicted stops! Your journey might be over now at this moment or tomorrow or many years later! No one knows when! This is life!
But do you always sit and wait for life to take you wherever you are destines to or you wanna make sure you get the nearest possible stop that you want to and are living for?
Just sitting and doing nothing will never take you anywhere in life! You have to be constantly working and crafting your life so that you get what you want! But how do you do it?
That completely depends on you! You want it the hard way or the easy way! But yes! Do remember that working hard will surely give you success! Some people may get it sooner and some later but success is guaranteed only if you work hard!
Nothing can stop you from getting success once you start working hard! Start working hard and success will come running behind you!
Another point to remember is that you must have clarity in life! Working hard without knowing where you have to reach will also take you nowhere!
Some people say that they have been working hard for long but haven't yet tasted success! A simple reason might be the clarity that they don't have! They might not have any clarity and simply working hard! This will never take them anywhere!
Have clarity in life, set a goal and work hard- Success is yours for sure!


The 21st Century Fall...

Everyday the horizon lights up gleamingly blue
Will it remain forever is never known by you.
There's joy and happiness everywhere,you see
In humans, animals, birds and tree.

In buildings, offices, restaurants everywhere
People are busy in work here and there.
But you don't know what will happen next
And it is not ours but God's behest.

We are here just to stay
For whatever we do have to pay.
The times are changing, the reason is us
Everything in life has become so ardous.

Now destruction, degradation and crimes prevail
The test of humanity we did fail.
As you walk down the streets
It's so lonely, it gives you the creeps.

Please someone clean up the city
And take on us some pity.
So that we can easily survive
And we don't have to mournfully strive.

For fresh air, buildings and food
That once in this world stood.
We have to save our nature
If we want to save our future.

For what about all the things we are to lose
That we have between life and death to choose.
Or what if you will see the last things of all
Yes, It will be the 21st century fall.



If one wishes to achieve success,
One must measure the extent of his madness.

Since madness is the outcome of passion,
First distinguish passion from madness.

If you are average, don't worry, work hard,
Most of all what is required is a passion for work.

Set your goal, but don't make haste,
Meditate upon your goal, so your efforts won't waste.

You should also have a fierce desire to win,
So keep going and throw distractions in the bin.

Planning and working hard is in your hands,
Rest is prayer, "O God grant me success!"


Power Of a Thank You!

Have you ever thanked the person who takes your garbage? The person outside your house who sweeps the road for you to have a clean and a smooth journey? Have you ever thanked the poens in your school? Have you ever thanked your driver for  driving you safe? There are many people out there who make your life peaceful and enjoyable directly or indirectly, but have you ever thanked them? 
Gratitude is the greatest attitude a person can have! You never know the two words "Thank You" can have a big impact in yours as well as the person to whom you have shown gratitude! Its not a shame to say thank you to people who you dont know! Its one of best ways to gain respect! When you say thank you wave of satisfaction moves in your body and the feel you get nothing can beat it! Gratitude has the power to change a million things! And just two words do it. Saying thank you to people who help you directly or indirectly makes the person feel more respected. In turn he will help and work with more happiness and interest! This in turn will increase the chances of getting more without even asking for it! Even now I say 'thank you' because, you read it and I am inspired to write more! So my dear readers out there say Thank you to all people help you and see your life change for the better!

Thank You!


Facts About Teen Pregnancy

● The US has the highest rate of Teen pregnancy, birth and abortion in the industralised world.
● 96% Teen mothers keep their babies inside.
● In Texas a baby is born to a Teen mother every 10 mins.
● Texas is #3 in teen births.
● 85% of the Teens who have mentors, will go on to a secondary education in a college or some technical school
● The rest 25% of the same group will go on to a college.