Teens & The Fantasy World

We teens love it when all things go our way. We love it when everything happens exactly the same way we want. We teens also love to be in fantasy world or fantasyland as it is called, very often. Fantasy world and Teens have a very big connection. Directly or indirectly, well its for you to decide. We always dream about the things we want, the girl/guy we admire, our dream. The list just seems endless. Well, what do we get after doing so? Anything? Yes, I agree we become happy dreaming about things we like. Dreaming makes us so happy that we start living in the fantasy world itself and make a fool out of us. I bet it must have happened to you. No? Well, it'll surely happen. Yeah so coming back. We sometimes get into the fantasy world so much that we start doing stupid, unpredictable things. We do everything possible to make the fantasy world come into reality. We go into the wrong path doing wrong things and we get confused what to do next. We end up in such a situation that, its hard to come out of it. Fantasyland as it is called leads to obsessions also. Which I will talk about in the next blog I write. Well fantasyland is not bad all around. Its good if we stay in the reality also. It keeps us happy, refreshes our mind and gives hope in life to do something unless your fantasy isn't about a girl or a guy!