When I spoke to myself..

When I talked to myself,
I found my inner self,
Who was at peace,
Because of the world, It didn't miss!

Finding happiness,
Is what I realized,
Living for the world,
Is not your hold.

It is what I was told
By the inner self of me
Whom I hadn't found
Till I spoke to myself.

Life was a like a gem thereafter,
World seemed a happier place
Sadness didn't find its trace,
Never through my life case.


Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction

"Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction"- Newtons third law has a very big meaning when seen from the context of physics! But have you ever wondered what it is in the context of life? Many of you might have asked this question to yourself, might or might not have got any satisfactory answer! Well here is what you will get an satisfactory answer!

Every action that you do whether its a good one or a bad one will have a great deal of influence on the further actions that you do or are made to do! Your future depends on the actions that you today!
Good actions will give you good reactions and bad actions will give you bad reactions!

One of the best examples of this is the struggle to independence by Gandhiji and his fellow countrymen! Despite the use of violence by British, Gandhiji stayed with non-violence and justice was done when India earned independence on 15th August 1947! This is just one example from other numerous set of examples where actions have resulted in equal reactions!

When you respect others around you, you too will get it back!
Some people may complain that despite good things they never get back the same! Well you have to wait because time is also a factor! Sooner or later you will get what you want!

Just remember this small line- What you sow is what you'll reap! You sow a sees of a cherry tree and expect a mango tree will be equal to stupidity! In the same way if you do bad actions you won't get good actions either!
Adios! Take Care!


Integration & Differenciation in Real life

¤After we complete our 10th we get introduced to a new subject called Calculus. Which includes differentiation and integration. Everyone find it hard to understand these two words. We have that thought in our mind as to why use this and stuff. But actually they have simple meanings. Differentiation involves conversion of macro to micro, and Integration micro to macro. For example, in real life if you differentiate a house you will get a brick, if you differentiate yourself according to physics and maths you will get a Bio molecule. Same way if you integrate a brick you will get a house or a building made up of bricks. And if u integrate a cell you will get a human body. This way Differentiation and Integration can be easily understood. Also we can bring out many other examples to understand this topic.  So after you read this don't scratch your head again in understanding the basic meaning of these terms. Whenever you have a problem try to differentiate it it will get solved.  And if you have an idea that could change something,  don't stop yourself from integrating it¤


A Women in her !!!!.....Salute to "Bharat Ki Rani"

The woman in her as Rani Laxmi Bai
Proved her spirits aiming very high!
Not for pleasure of the throne,
But her son as heir, in mind borne!
As Rani of Jhansi, she marched along
 With her trained men and women who belonged!
To her faith and for their right,
This brave army fearlessly put up a fight!

Proclaiming her Jhansi she’d not be surrender,
She faced the invaders like a thunder!
To end the British force in power,
The Rani of Jhansi unveiled her cover!
She called the rest of her fighters for freedom,
To start an uprising for the kingdom!
The little “Manu” emerged as warrior “Rani”,
Unbashed by her life full of agony!!

The nineteenth century saw this heroic best,
Though her defeat was an unfortunate test!
The Rani’s effort in the Indian revolution,
Marks as a pride of her contribution!

A woman is worthy, I pronounce, O Rani!

A wow to gather up your valour, O Rani!!

The Unspoken Truth

Have you ever wondered
The words that you muttered,
How hurtful they were
Which you told without a care!

The person listening to you
How he might have felt,
But just let it go
Like an ice cube melt!

There are times, most times
When you don't realize,
What you have said, &
Move on like nothing happened!

Sometimes you are corrected
Explained & narrated,
What you have just told
But you don't get an instant hold!

When you sit alone thinking
About the words you spoke,
You realize your poke
And just sit there blinking!

This is the unspoken truth
that people don't react,
to what you say, just because
they respect you, &
Expect the same from you!

Just the next time
When you speak,
think twice, &