The 15th Prime Minister of India & All You Want to Know About Him

And finally India get's the PM it wants! After months of campaigning and rallying the Bharatiya Janatha Party(BJP) has won the elections with a clear majority which no other party was able to do since 1984. This was all possible only because of one man Mr.Narendra Modi. Gujarat Chief Minister for 13yrs, Mr. Modi created the Modi wave all over India and gave Congress one of the worst ever defeats in its history. The people of India have lots of expectations from Mr.Modi because of the brilliant work he has done in the India state of Gujarat. NaMo has he is called had done many sacrifices all his life to be very he is now. First he sold tea at one of the Railways Stations in Gujarat and supplemented his father's earnings. As a tradition, Mr. Narendra Modi was engaged at the age 13. At the age of 18, he left his house to pursue his ambition. He worked for many years in different ashrams or religious houses and served the people there. He then went away to the Himalayan Foothills, where he again served the people. During this period Mr. Narendra Modi was in constant contact with the RSS, through which he was inducted into the BJP. He is one of the very few people in politics who are 'clean & non-corrupt'. After being replaced as the CM of Gujarat in 2001, a year later the state was hit by one of the worst communal riots. Many people named him as the culprit, but the Supreme Court Of India declared him as clean. He then went on to win the elections for Gujarat 3 consecutive terms. When he was declared as the Prime Ministerial Candidate by the BJP, there was no doubt that he wouldn't be elected. The people wanted to see some change in India and saw that change in Mr.Narendra Modi. Hope, he fulfills everyone's expectations and comes out clean too.


Physical Changes in Boys- Body Odour and Acne

Physical Changes are something that we teens don't love. Body odour, acne are some changes we don't like. Here are reasons why these happen.
Due to the change in our fatty acid composition we are likely to develop a more adult kind of body odor. Also we start to sweat a lot and get involved in the usage of perfumes and deodorants.  Also we tend to develop acne which cannot be escaped. But it fully diminishes after the age of adolescence. Even though it may not appear to dissapear fully it is less severe than it was during adolescent age. Some may even involve in ointments, prescribed creams etc as acne might change the look in your face and also affect you emotionally.


Teens & Depression

Teenage years are difficult. Changes occur very often, mood changes' and there are many other numerous problems which can occur at any time, anywhere. Depression also is one of the issues faced by by teens today. It is, especially now a days due to increase in the pressure to score more marks and become successful. Some teens can't handle the pressure and often go into depression. Other reasons might be relationship problems, loneliness etc. These problems aren't constant. They will go, for sure if you work towards making your life better. For example, if you have scored less marks in your exams, make a commitment to study hard and score more and better next time. Solving problems like this can easily get you away from depression. Some teens' problems are too much, that they decide that ending life is easier than solving them, which is completely wrong. There is a solution to every problem. There are people who you can take help from, ask their advice and take the next step. Teens being less experienced often get confused what to do in the situation they are in. The best way is to consult your parents and seek help from them. Talking to your friends about your problems will also reduce the pain. Depression can also lead to many other addictions. Drug addiction, porn addiction are few of them. Both, are not good. While the former might affect your health, the latter might change the way you look at the world. The best way to handle depression is asking for help! Teens don't fear, just ask help and everything will go your way! Trust me!


Hormonal changes in Girls.

We usually face puberty at the age of 12 or 13. It all starts with the production of progesterone from the ovaries. Also along with this testosterone is produced. This testosterone acts on the granulosa cells which help in the development of the female gamete. The presence of FSH ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone), increase the aromatase activity of these cells. The aromatase help in the biosynthesis of estrogen hormone. The testosterone in females is used for 2 purposes. One purpose is for production of estradiol for the development of bones , growth, breast development, increase in fat composition, growth of uterus, increase in the thickness of endometrium present in the walls of the vagina and widening of the pelvis region. The second purpose is responsibility for the changes in females like development of pubic hair, acne , odour etc. But also it is made sure that the testosterone is not produced in excess. With the increase in estradiol and other processes , maturation is reached at a point where the female starts to ovulate along with the production of leutenizing hormone. The growth hormone is also produced during this time period which is produced till the end of puberty which is marked by the complete development of the ends of the bone due to estradiol. Though we may face many menstrual problems , we have to take good care of ourselves at these times and do everything necessary for it. No change's in our body should be taken for granted as it defines who we are and our beauty.


Hormonal changes in Boys

Though we get matured almost 1 to 2 years after the female puberty age, its not same for everyone. It depends on various factors which may include even environmental changes, genetic influence, nutritional value, stress, physical or mental illness, social skills etc. Testosterone a hormone produced by the testis is let out into the blood, and along with this there is a rise in blood levels. This is usually produced more during the night time than day time as when we sleep at night we may be aroused with our dreams and even wake up with surprise and find out we had a wet dream. This cannot be controlled on our own and happens without our consciousness.  Also some part of it gets converted into estradiol which helps in growth,  bone growth and the end parts of bones. Also there is a least modest development of the breast tissue in boys. This change is known as Gynecomastia. This results in swelling behind the nipples , but this change is temporary and is the result of excess production of estradiol. Also one more hormone dihydrotestosterone which acts as a sex steroid synthesizes the prostate gland, testes , hair follicles and the adernal glands. These are the hormonal changes we even face a lot of physical changes. We should understand these changes as boys as this is not only faced by us but every boy out there. Also may seem painful , disgusting and also fill you with other expression but this is Life.

I Wish I Wasn't Alone

When i was little,
Carefree and naughty,
I used to play all day,
And jump around laughing.

When people patted on my back,
I used to feel on top of the world.
All these small things,
Brought me happiness and warmth.

But now times have changed,
I have entered the teenage,
Searching long and long,
For the love and care.

Being lonely, it's bad, as
It makes me feel lost.
It makes my life empty,
Broken, Trapped, and Betrayed.

When i was little,
I was never alone, on my own.
But now I only pray,
I wish I wasn't alone!! 


Teens & Loneliness

In this busy and fast moving world, many teens are left behind because they can't cope up with it. This often makes they left away from the world. They start feeling lonely and alone. They don't know what to do. This increases the chances of loneliness. Research shows that loneliness is a killer. It is equal to drinking 15 cigarettes. Prolonged loneliness will lead to many disorders.  Teens can start doing drugs, may join a group of bandits/bad influential people to get rid of loneliness. This will spoil them. They can lead to wrong and unwanted paths. Loneliness can be best cured when you change your mindset that "YOU" are not alone in this world. There are billions of people and you can become their companions. Involving in sports activities, social services etc, can also remove the feeling of  loneliness. Keep yourself and your mind involved into something. Not doing anything will get you to start thinking again about loneliness. Read a book, watch tv, listen to music. Connecting and spending some time with family also helps  lot. It will do two things- Remove the feeling and loneliness & it will help you get to know your family more better. Another best way to forget about loneliness is by following Teen-o-Network and connecting with us. Follow these things and its for sure that you'll forget what is loneliness! All the best!

Is this really what Teenage Life is??

Teenage is an age,
Where teens try their best,
To attract people
And be the centre of attraction.

It's an age teens try to be cool,
But every time end up being a fool.
Leading them to take wrong path
Ending up making their lives miserable.

Teenage life is really confusing,
You think you know the world,
This is where many teens are mistaken,
Ending up making their lives miserable.

Teenagers feel they have grown up,
And start taking decisions of life.
Without consulting anyone,
Ending up making their lives miserable.

Never the late, teens start feeling
Why not a chance to change,
And make an effort to lose the pain.
Is this really what teenage life is??


Teens and Inner Beauty

People usually believe that teenage girls are the ones who are more beauty conscious. But now a days we see even men standing in front of the mirror looking at themselves. But have we ever thought how to find out if a person is beautiful or not? How it some are beautiful and some are not? Everything depends on how we look at the person. But what we are supposed to do is look at the inner beauty. They say " Dont judge a book by its cover" . Unless you understand the person from inside you cannot observe the inner beauty. There are many products just for the sake of beautifying ourselves.  But what we need to understand is god has already made us beautiful, we just need to recognize it. We need to work hard towards achieveing our goal and when we achieve it thats when we are applying a beauty cream to our inner beauty.

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Teens & A Profile Picture

We, teens have a big craze of taking pics! Anywhere, everywhere! In any kind of pose! Its the generation of the "selfies"! All kind of people out there are finding the perfect selfie or any kind of so called "perfect picture" just for a profile pic! We do all crazy, insane possible things just to get a "perfect" profile picture. We don't think twice! We don't give a damn about their life. All we want is "perfect profile" picture. We should cool it down! After all you aren't getting any Oscar or Nobel prize or even a grammy! So there is nothing to go mad about. There is no need of creating a hype over it! It can lead to many other disasters! While taking the extreme profile picture you might kill yourself! Find it funny? Well, it has happened! There is also a possibility that you might become the target of "jokes" in your school/college. Well, anything is possible! Teens, as I always say- chill it out! 


Fitting in with other Teens

We cannot live without friends. We try to do something impressive , we tried to become someone else just for others to accept us. Becoming friends strengthens us and puts our faith to a test. Some friends with different interests might be friendly to us and we might not be happy with it because of our own likes, but sometimes it may be the only way to fit in a group. To accept the other person before he accepts you. Also it is very important for us to choose good friends and not those who do drugs etc, though we may consider it cool. If you are being forced also it is needed to say no, though sometimes it might mean losing of friends , rejection etc, but if you have true friends they will just admire you for who you are. It is very important to be who we are inside and not change just because of the situation unless its the only situation. Never pretend to be something else when it comes to love because it may become hasty and when you change after you are being loved the whole connection between you both gets disrupted. Friendship does not come about by pretending to be someone else or by impressing others for their acceptance. It comes by being ourselves. It requires honesty to have a true friendship, and then you can start to spend time together as you will have developed the faith that it will last forever. But we should not go too far just to fit in. We need to be in our limits too and forget if we are asked more then what is required to fit in , even though it hurts. But let them accept you for who you are as that is what is most important in friendships.


Teens & Jealousy

Jealousy is something teens can't live without. Jealousy runs in their blood. Each every teen in their school life must have felt jealous because of a person or over a person. It is the feeling which can't be resisted. Best friends, enemies, love birds all have jealousy in them. Two enemies are jealous because the other person might have something which he might not have. Two friends are jealous because one if the friends might be famous while the other might not be. Love birds are jealous because they are scared that someone might take over their loved. Well, these are just a few examples which might be true in some cases while not in others. Many a times jealousy destroy friendships, relationships and sometimes might also become the cause of friendship between two people against the same guy/girl. Jealousy is a major part of all girls' life rather than boys', well for obviously known reasons. There is no way to escape jealousy unless u have a great deal of self control! Enjoy life with jealousy cause it gets interesting as days pass. Believe me friends, telling from my own experiences!


We are teens,
Craziest in all means.
We love doing things the opposite way,
And hate to get scoldings at the end of the day.

No T.V. and no play,
Study is the only way.
Waking up in the morning and going to school.
We teens are the biggest fools.

Oh!! god when will this boredom vanish,
And we get a chance of a surprise holiday,
Which is a mode of fun for all of us,
Where there are no difficult lessons to learn.


Teens & Obsessions

Obsessions! A part of every teens life! Mine too! Obsessions can be of any type! Any stupid type.  Obsessions can be of any person, thing, emotion, anything! There is nothing to be embarrassed about it! Its just a part of everyone's life. Many teens feel embarrassed about their weird obsessions. They feel bad about it. They then get subjected to low self esteem. They are scared whether they might be fun of, if someone gets to know their obsessions. there is nothing to get scared of. Everyone has a obsessions. If u think u have a weird obsessions, just think that you are that out of the box special guy who has set up an example to make other teens make other weird obsessions.! This will surely help you boost your self confidence. Get set,have weird obsessions & enjoy life with it! Adios!

Our Childhood and Dreams

When we look back to our childhood it often appears safe, secure , young , carefree and happy. We feel like we are the king of the world, sitting on a golden throne. But as we grow up things start to change. We might get our first dose of pain during our first love. But we are calmed and made sure not to lose hope by others words whom we value a lot. The older we get , we likely to face more heart breaks, broken dreams and shattered relationships. Our comfort during such times vary a lot as we are selective in telling about our pain to people. As some may care for it and some may not. We might sometimes think of the good times and gather up hope. We may talk to our parents and obtain some wisdom filled words. Or we might talk to our friends who has undergone the same situation. We need to believe in ourselves that we are being pulled from something not for us and sonn we will be pushed to something greater and better. Also some believe in god. They believe god will show them the way, will guide us andwill help us. Butalong with such a healthy belief we need to make sure we have taken action on our dreams. All the sources of pain are a part of life. They provide the experience we need for our future. So believe in your dreams and dont let the pain take over you. Have Hope , pain ends.


Traveling and Fun!

Traveling is fun especially when you are with your friends. We teens might prefer traveling with friends rather than traveling with family. Traveling with friends is a all new experience. There are no restrictions
And we can do whatever we want. Enjoy to the fullest. We always wait for that day when we are going to leave for the school trip. We prepare the whole week buying and deciding various things like what we'll wear the first day, the second day etc. We get so excited that we often forget to take many things along with us to the trip. In the excitement we also do a lot many things which we are not supposed to and spoil the fun of the trip. We don't realize it while we are doing but realize it when someone points us out for doing the same. While with friends we do all the stupid things possible and make a fool out if us. That's what we teens love to do- make a fool out of us. We like to be called crazy. We love it when we are like that. But we teens should never forget that we have a image in the society. We shouldn't lose it. We should stay in our limits. We will surely enjoy the most when we do so.


Finding a Straw in the Hay

The teenagers of a family,
Always causing a calamity,
They have boiling blood
Adrenaline is on a flood.

They have a mirror in the hand.
Their decisions are made on sand.
They join 'no decency' gangs.
And they are subjected to extensive use of slang.

Their principles are clear,
Fulfill their demands,when they are amongst their peers,
The chances of compromising are sheer,
And getting a negative reply, they can't bear.

So we may now praise the parents, who very rightly say,
Dealing with a teenager is like 'finding a straw in the hay'.

Peer Pressure & Teens

Taking decisions on your own is hard enough. But when other people get involved and try to pressurize you, it can be even harder. People who are of your age, like your classmates are called peers. When they try to influence you how to act, it is called peer pressure. It's something everyone has to deal with.

Peers influence your life, just by spending time with you.You learn from them, they learn from you. Peers can have a positive influence on each other. For example, someone teaches you some cool tricks in a sport. But sometimes peers influence each other in negative ways too. For example, few teens may persuade you to miss class along with them. Some teens give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry that other teens may make fun of them if they don't go along with the group. The idea that 'everyone's doing it' may influence some teens to leave their better judgement, or their common sense behind.

Paying attention to your own feelings and beliefs about what is right and wrong can help you know the right thing. The best way to stay away from peer pressure is to listen to yourself. You can stop paying attention to the one who pressurizes you to do something wrong. You could make someone as a friend who accepts you the way you are. If you continue to face peer pressure and you are finding it difficult to handle, talk to someone you trust. Talking to a person you trust can make you feel better and prepare you next time to face peer pressure. So get going and do what you think is right.


Teens and Nomophobia

Are u fallen into the phrase "Technology has taken over your life" , then you are suffering from Nomophobia.  if you are inable to turn off your phone, take your phone to the  bathroom and keep checking face book , twitter etc.then technology is ruling over you. Soon you will start to feel the virtual world is more better than the normal one. We need to limit our usage so that we live our life with enjoyment and to live long. One day you will look back to your youth life and wish the time was spent with family or friends instead of your phone.

Teens & The Fantasy World

We teens love it when all things go our way. We love it when everything happens exactly the same way we want. We teens also love to be in fantasy world or fantasyland as it is called, very often. Fantasy world and Teens have a very big connection. Directly or indirectly, well its for you to decide. We always dream about the things we want, the girl/guy we admire, our dream. The list just seems endless. Well, what do we get after doing so? Anything? Yes, I agree we become happy dreaming about things we like. Dreaming makes us so happy that we start living in the fantasy world itself and make a fool out of us. I bet it must have happened to you. No? Well, it'll surely happen. Yeah so coming back. We sometimes get into the fantasy world so much that we start doing stupid, unpredictable things. We do everything possible to make the fantasy world come into reality. We go into the wrong path doing wrong things and we get confused what to do next. We end up in such a situation that, its hard to come out of it. Fantasyland as it is called leads to obsessions also. Which I will talk about in the next blog I write. Well fantasyland is not bad all around. Its good if we stay in the reality also. It keeps us happy, refreshes our mind and gives hope in life to do something unless your fantasy isn't about a girl or a guy!


Teens and Giving up

Giving up sometimes seems beneficial and sometimes makes us weak. We need to give up on the things we dont like. Example: nowadays our parents always want us to become doctors or engineers which we may not be interested. When our parents pressure rise us we need to give up and persue what we love doing. Also when we are stuck in a problem , if we have given our 100% , tried all we could ever do and still there is no solution then its better to give up so that our precious time is saved. But we must make sure that we dont regret later or develop a mindset tellin us '  u gave up without even trying'. Giving up at tough moments might seem foolish. Life is full of ups and downs and we need to have the belief in ourselves and rise up again instead of staying down. Even a happy and successful relationship only depends on how committed your partner will be to be with you till the end. If there is pressure from even one side , there could be total chaos and it would lead to breaking off by the partner. What happens at that very moment is one person gives up on the other person loses hope, breaks up and moves on. If we give up it should always be for our well being but at the same time we need to make sure we dont harm anybody else. Giving up on a lost cause is never shameful until our ego is not hurt. Always bow your heads to the truth.

Crazy Life Of Teens

We teens, love breaking every rule,
Especially when at school!
Girls go work-out and diet till they
faint and fall,
And boys want to grow up to be fit
and tall.

Sports are cool, studies blow out of fuse,
Fashionable clothes always make us drool.
Touch-screens, i-pads; that's our passion,
Always in tune with the latest fashion.

There are mobiles, internet bills and mascara tears,
Heads of fights and the examination fears.
The T.V. is switched on the whole day long,
We don't want to be told, what is wrong.

Because all in all, we teens seriously rock,
And we are prepared to face any shock.
We teens live our lives full of zest,
And we really strive to do our very best!!

Teens are greedy??

We teens are born to make our life easy and confortable. Some teens work hard and make it easy and confortable. While some are there who try out easy ways to make money. They always look into ways through which they can get easy money. This leads them to do false things. They do anything for money. They don't think twice before they act. They get into killing people, selling drugs, black marketing and many other numerous ways. They also fall into betting and gambling. They do so not knowing the consequences that may follow. They are uneducated of the outcome of doing such things. The other reason might be the family giving leniency to the teens.  Well, whatever it is, we teens must think before doing anything.Doing such things have many side effects. They can lead you to jail or even kill you. It may even lose the respect you family might have earned in the community. The things that you do also might have adverse effects on someone else's life. So, my friends and fellow teens, think before you do anything. Also remember "Greedy nature is not good for health".


Teen and Nature

Albert Einstein said,"look into nature and you will understand everything". In our day to day life we may not spend time with nature much but when we do we get that special feeling no one can give. The silence in the outside world. The peace. The anger you get just washes away within you when you go talk to nature. Also nature helps us get back our mood to do almost anything. The talks to the plants , the lonely walks or walking with someone special on a cold night , the credits go to the nature. Nature provides us with memories. Also if we observe with enormous attention we can even get inspired looking at the things happening around us. It helps us discover who we are and allows us to inculcate the positives from it. The music of nature is also so pleasant. It frees us from depression. So every teenager must make some time with nature because a good nature could provide you qith the feeling of heaven. It is the fuel for our soul. We need to connect with nature. Always know teenagers question everything that happens in nature and dont stop yourself from finding the answers as that is how nature teaches you and wants us to learn. Always remember this quote," The trees that take longer time to grow , bear the best fruit"

Teens and Gadgets

We, teens nowadays are so addicted to gadgets that we have forgotten what socializing is. We always stay on our smart phones and computers. We have lost the talent of talking to people and making new friends. We are happy with
our friends and never go out of our comfort zone. We stay confined to our comfort zones. We have lost our creativity. Any work we are assigned, we just Google it out. We never use our heads. What has happened to us. Why don't we throw out our gadgets and explore the world. I agree that gadgets are addictive and we like to stay with them. But y don't we stop using them for a specific time. Like 5-6 hrs excluding the sleeping time. This will effects us greatly in a positive way. We will learn to socialize and make friends. We will bond better with our family. Health wise our eyes will be less strained and there are few chances of us getting those crazy eye glasses. Using less gadgets will also improve our relationships. May a times we talk to our loved ones over the phone instead of talking with them personally. This will help solve problems better. Using less gadgets will also increase our memory power and creativity. Friends,think. It will surely have great positive impact on you and your lives.


The Generation of Couch Potatoes!

Days are gone when teens used to play in blistering heat during the summer holidays, days are gone when teens used to stay outside the house.. Now times have changed. Generation gas changed. Teens are now hardly seen outside. They hardly come out of their houses. They stay in front of idiot boxes or comps playing video games. They have become couch potatoes. There is no kind movement if the body. No physical movement increases risk of getting numerous problems.. Obesity is one of the top diseases caused. Many teens are diagnosed with obesity. They just sit in one place and eat junk food playing video games, inviting obesity to affect their bodies. Playing video games is not a sin. Playing without any physical activity is a sin. Not doing any physical movement tightens the muscles and it becomes very difficult to move our body more freely. Continuously staying in front of screens for a long period of time also causes eye problems. The blue light emitted from the screens causes eye strain and prevents  you from getting good sleep.. Outdoor activity is a must. Any sport should be played in a day. It not only keeps us fit but also releases stress from the body.


Teens and Fashion

We teens love fashion. We always spend most of our time in front of the mirror and sometimes we keep thinking how to look cute/good. The girls are busy with their make up techniques and the boys searching for new hairstyles. What outfits to wear, the new style and traditional wear are our favorite topics. We always think about how we look. Also we are worried about the dress we wear. We decide to wear low waist. Sometimes just to impress we wear the new fashion. Also the people who always wear new clothes and new fashion are expected to be rich. Also fashion gets influenced in us if we have friends who are rich and like to show off. But it is very important for us to know that fashion doesnt lead us to success nor will any of it have value if you are incapable of achieving your goal. So do show off when you have reached great heights. Indulge into fashion at that very moment you reach success because that is when the clothes has its worth and before you wear it you have to reach its worth. Without any successful background behind you , being high fashioned will only lead to people starting gossips about you and they will make sure you dont wear it again by criticizing you. Also now there has been a wide range for us to chose from so go ahead enjoy your life . Try to wear them now before you cross over this age.

Coping up with changes.

The only thing constant in life is change. There is a change every now then. Let it be a person, the weather or our boy itself. Teens have continuous body changes due to many hormones changing and taking shape. Teens, sometimes are not able to get adjusted to the change and succumb to the pressure. They often start taking drugs, or do stupid things to cope up with the pressure. One thing leads to many other things. Teenage is a very important period as that is the age when our mind is taking shape. Things that we do during teenage might be very difficult to leave once our life progresses. It may take years to leave that thing or some  may not be able to leave despite many efforts. Teens due to changes in their bodies get confused and end up doing wrong things. They don't know what to do. They panic. They don't know the solution to it.
      The best solution of all these problems is consulting your parents and doctors. There are teen consultants who can also help you. Talking to your friends, teachers might also solve your problems. Teens, don't get panicked, keep a clam mind, chill it out. Talk frequently with adults and stay happy.


Teens and Memories

Its being said," We do not miss the person but we miss the memories". Memories may be the good times or the bad times spent with a person. We have memories of our achievements , love and care recieved from some person. And as teenagers the  only memories that we like to remember are those spent with someone special to us, whom we call our love. And the memories that hurt us are those which are spent with someone special who might not be our love. Usually after break ups we feel frustrated and feel the pain of losing someone we loved. We may sometimes see all the memories of her/him in our memory box and we remember each moment spent. But now not able to relive the moment we feel pain and tend to be substance abused. But sometimes we burn the evidence thinking not having his/her presence we could atleast live a day with a calm mind. Thus memories are one of the most important aspects in the growth of life as it helps us remember the bad times and good times. They make us realise our mistakes during the bad times and motivate us with the appreciation recieved during the good times. Also to eliminate the bad memories , though we cannot forget anything we have the power to forgive . Forgiving at times, helps us live in peace.

Sibling Relationships & Teens

Teens all around the world have a problem with their siblings. Whether they are the elder ones or the younger ones, they always have a problem. The elder ones complain that the younger ones are getting more benefits than they are. The younger ones are using my things and other thousands of silly complains. We never realise that they are interested in the things we do. They are curious to know what's so interesting. They too want to try out and be like their elder siblings. They want to follow their siblings footsteps. We get furious over it and often get angry. Sometimes anger also turns into violence. These are signs of bad sibling relationship. The violence might have a negative impact on the younger siblings and this might lead to other numerous problems.
     The younger ones say that their elder ones are given permission to go out and why not us. Younger siblings never look after their age. They will get what their elder siblings are getting when time comes. There is not gonna be any restriction once the right time has come. Simply complaining will not help. But, it'll increase the problems for you. More complaining will lead to parents getting more frustrated and this will delay your freedom period.
 All teens, younger, elder, or both.. dont complain a time will come when everything will go your way and yes, respect your siblings! :)


Teens and Laziness

We are always lazy , when it comes to doing work which we don't like. Also we cannot get up early on a Sunday morning.  We become bored to do things. And often spend time watching TV or sleeping. Laziness is like having nothing to do in your to do list. Also it involves help from other people as we are too lazy to do our work. It is a state of zero enthusiasm which we must not develop or get used to it. It is important for us teenagers to be active and crazy about everything. Laziness can spoil our routine and also our knowledge. It can have an impact on those who study late night to sleep instead of studying and get up very late in the morning. It is like a habit of resting even though you are not tired. Always know laziness might seem attractive but work brings you say satisfaction.

Positivity, Teens have?

Life is about staying happy. Happiness is one thing that keeps us going. But do we always stay happy? There are times when people often get problems especially teens. They get sad, depressed and leave hopes. But friends, always remember staying positive brings in a new lease of life. Thinking positive boosts our self esteem and also self confidence. Thinking negatively can have a negative effect on the brain as well as the entire body. Positive thinking changes our attitude towards the problem and we can easily solve the problem. Negativity brings down our self confidence and pushes us towards giving up. Giving up can put you into deeper problems. Instead of decreasing the problem it'll the increase the difficulties. Staying positive always will keep you happy even during difficult times and will help you enjoy the moment you are living in. Staying positive will also reduce stress and tension. Teens, stay positive stay happy. :)


Teens and Hobbies

Every teen has something that he/she would love to do apart from studies. It is very rare to have a student have studies as a hobby. Why hobbies , because it is something we love to do and we do it with full enthusiasm. Also it has a calming effect to ourselves and improves our concentration. Hobbies can be anything from stamp collecting , coin collecting to learning dance or any instrument etc. But when it is time to study we must not fully involve into studies but practice our hobbies in breaks so that it refreshes our mind and gives us a fresh start but during crucial exams our hobbies should not become a major priority. And once we finish with all the competitive exams usually after 12 th , we can persue our interests , talents and hobbies again. So it is very important to each one of us to have a hobby in our life , because we dont know maybe infuture the very hobby could help us live a successful and satisfactory life.

Why we should forgive?

Once in a classroom, a teacher while teaching the lesson of forgiveness to the students gave them a task to be done in the entire week. She told all her students to take time and think of those people whom they have not forgiven in their lives. Then count the number of people and each person will be equal one potato. Then put the potatoes in a plastic bag and carry it everywhere you go, was said by the teacher to the students. The students obeying their teacher's words, carried their bags everywhere. Some students had 20 potatoes, while some had 32. As days passed, the students realised the motive behind it. They understood the weight of the the people they haven't forgiven is too much and we carry it everywhere, everytime. The plastic bag interrupted their work many a times and they were fed up with the bag. The moral behind this story is that we should forgive people no matter what. Some or the other day, they will be of our help. Not forgiving them will stop us from working effectively. They will become a barrier in our life everywhere, eveytime. Friends, forgiving people might not be easy. But yes it is possible. Bury the hatchet and live a happy life.


Teens and lies

Why do we lie? Reasons are enormous but usually it is to gain attention or to safeguard yourself or to protect the truth. We teen's need to understand that lying can be serious. If the lie is for our needs then we need to understand that we need to prove ourselves that we are capable and fulfill our needs. If the lie is for protection of others for example during exams we see our friends copying and when the teacher questions us we say no, this way we are only spoiling our friends and helping them in reducing their talents. We need to always speak the truth when it comes to matters of love. We should not cheat anyone by lying to them , though you may receive fun and pleasure out of it the opposite person's life could be spoilt. One lie can save a friendship for only some period of time till the truth is known but one truth builds the friendship if you are forgived and always truth is better if you are forgiven or not. Lying to right the wrong can be accepted , even deception specialists have accepted this but we must always make sure that our lie should not hurt others feeling. Hurt them with the truth but dont spoil them with your lies. So its always you who has to decide, whatever your doing truth always helps you if you are doing the right thing or if you are doing the right thing the wrong way or the wrong thing. We have to say infinite lies to cover one lie but one truth can save infinite lies from happening. 

Teens & Anger

Getting angry is common. Its every humans tendency to get angry. But is it the right time or the right place when u get angry? Teens have this problem very often. They don't think anything when they get angry and react very badly. They have many anger management issues. Due to sudden mood changes due to hormonal changes teens often get angry. Even on petty issues. Keeping a calm mind while in anger will make you feel better. It will also save you from further possible casualties. Anger can also lead to such a extent that it might take someone's life. Teens don't think when they are angry. Anger can make you loose your long term relationship, a best friend and also the respect that you have earned. Anger can change your life. Control your anger and you can control your life.


Teens & Cybercrimes

In this social world of technology, teens use a lot of internet to do their works, assignments etc. They use facebook and other social networking sites very often. During teenage there is also a drive to earn lots of money. Many teens fall prey to cyber crimes that happen. They don't know the after consequences of it and without thinking do as people tell them to do. They do extreme things risking their lives. They start trusting people and put themselves into trouble. For example, a teen accepted 10000 INR for just showing his privacy. You must of also heard instances where girls sell their virginity online. These are just a few examples where teens have risked their life and fallen prone to cyberbullying. There are also dating sites where we can find fake profiles. Some teens often fall in love with the person who name the profile is not knowing the real person behind it. Teens, in this world everything is not it looks. Be careful, think twice before you do anything. Adios!

Teen Trusts Trusting?

We usually trust those whom we call as our best friends. Trust Build's up when the person or any friend keeps up a promise or doesn't publicize your secrets. Also people have trust on those whom they love and this trust breaks with the break in friendship. Also gaining trust from a certain kind of people is not easy,especially from those who are introverts and in this process we might fall in love and this gaining trust. Being best friends with a lot number of people can result in confusion of secrets and might end up being a friend to no one. Trusting should also be given second chances. It is very important to understand the mistake by knowing how and why it happened. We need to picture ourselves in their place and imagine what we would have done unlike them. Always think twice before u say u don't trust someone because sometimes you might lose that very person who understood you and loved you for who you are. Trust those who are trustable and make sure they trust you because in the end trust is one of the important things that keeps a friendship going.


Hormonal changes in Teens

We are called teenagers for a reason. In this age we experience many changes in ourselves. They are different in boys and girls and indicate that we have reached puberty. It is an exciting time in a teens life as it is the transition from childhood to adulthood but it has its side effects too leading to substance abuse. The changes are different in boys and girls. Usually we start to sweat a lot and develop acne. And important part of it is the feeling of emotions which we could never even think of.We start to have mood swing s , trouble in sleeping and girls especially have to deal with the premenstrual syndrome. Also we start developing feelings for certain people and and have a rush of hormones when we are with them. Sometimes it can be painful, annoying and irritating usually for boys when their hormones kick in and for some people its just happiness and pleasure to be with the opposite sex. We must have a good friendship but not develop feeling for others in a way not meant for us. Because when this happens we start to understand the other person's feelings and emotions and we will be hurt when these same emotions are seen with other people too. You will develop the feeling of not being special but teens always know you will be loved and cared but this phase of life just prepares you for your future so you make full use of it and  invite your future with experience.

Teen-Parent Relationship

Parents are a essential part of everyone's life. They are the reason we are here in this beautiful world. They sacrifice many things just for us. They are our friends. We have the right to approach them anywhere, anytime. They scold us but remember they do so only for our benefit. They dont have any grudge as such. They want us to succeed in our life and move in the right path. They often scold us and also hit us for some reasons which we might think our silly. But no, they know better. They have had many life experiences than us. They know what is good and what is bad. We are everything for them in their lives. They always think of keeping us happy whether they are or not. We, on the other hand disrespect them and make them feel dejected. We should understand that what they do is going to benefit us now or in the coming near future. We should follow their advice in certain situations where they have more experience. Asking advice for the choosing a hobby would be silly because you might not have the same interest in the stuff they have. We might have fun going for late night parties and pubs, but parents know the danger in doing so. Taking drugs might be cool for us but only our parents know the consequences thereafter. Teens, respect your parents, follow their advice and lead a happy life ahead.


Self-esteem & Teens

Self-esteem means you really like yourself, both inside and out. It refers both to how you look and what you believe in. This is also called "positive" or "high" self-esteem. You feel good when you pass a test with flying colours, win a competition on which you have been working hard day and night or probably when you are appreciated by a group of people. But when someone makes you a laughing stock among the crowd you feel dumb or left out of the action. At that moment you start wishing if you could be someone else or have a changed look. Many types of questions start arising in your mind. This is the time you get de-motivated. This is "negative" or "low" self-esteem. For teenagers, dealing with physical changes and pressures can seem overwhelming. As their journey starts through puberty, criticism, academic, athletic, peer pressures, dating challenges, hormonal changes and a host of body concerns mixed with their own search for self cause many teens to struggle with self-esteem issues. This really becomes a major problem in teens. But there is nothing to worry. Teens can solve this problem in various ways such as
  •  Focusing on experiences , not appearances- One should not judge another on their looks but look at their experience in any field. This will help one another build up their self –esteem. 
  •  Taking responsibilities- Teens can develop their self-esteem by taking up responsibilities, work upon them and get appreciated by others. 
  •  Developing your individuality- One should not live to make others happy indeed do thing which bring them happiness. Believing in oneself will definitely help the teens develop sef-esteem. 
So do your best, be happy and believe in yourself.