Teens and Fashion

We teens love fashion. We always spend most of our time in front of the mirror and sometimes we keep thinking how to look cute/good. The girls are busy with their make up techniques and the boys searching for new hairstyles. What outfits to wear, the new style and traditional wear are our favorite topics. We always think about how we look. Also we are worried about the dress we wear. We decide to wear low waist. Sometimes just to impress we wear the new fashion. Also the people who always wear new clothes and new fashion are expected to be rich. Also fashion gets influenced in us if we have friends who are rich and like to show off. But it is very important for us to know that fashion doesnt lead us to success nor will any of it have value if you are incapable of achieving your goal. So do show off when you have reached great heights. Indulge into fashion at that very moment you reach success because that is when the clothes has its worth and before you wear it you have to reach its worth. Without any successful background behind you , being high fashioned will only lead to people starting gossips about you and they will make sure you dont wear it again by criticizing you. Also now there has been a wide range for us to chose from so go ahead enjoy your life . Try to wear them now before you cross over this age.