Coping up with changes.

The only thing constant in life is change. There is a change every now then. Let it be a person, the weather or our boy itself. Teens have continuous body changes due to many hormones changing and taking shape. Teens, sometimes are not able to get adjusted to the change and succumb to the pressure. They often start taking drugs, or do stupid things to cope up with the pressure. One thing leads to many other things. Teenage is a very important period as that is the age when our mind is taking shape. Things that we do during teenage might be very difficult to leave once our life progresses. It may take years to leave that thing or some  may not be able to leave despite many efforts. Teens due to changes in their bodies get confused and end up doing wrong things. They don't know what to do. They panic. They don't know the solution to it.
      The best solution of all these problems is consulting your parents and doctors. There are teen consultants who can also help you. Talking to your friends, teachers might also solve your problems. Teens, don't get panicked, keep a clam mind, chill it out. Talk frequently with adults and stay happy.