We Are Our Own Prisoners

It is said "Life starts outside the comfort zone", but does it?
Have you ever tried doing something out of the box? Something you thought you could never do? If you haven't then you are living life the wrong way!
Back to where we started, Yes life does start outside the comfort zone!
Once you are out of your routine path, you get to know where you stand! You know what your strengths and weaknesses are! You realise who you are!
You might ask, what's the harm in staying in the comfort zone while I am happy? Well, you wouldn't find any harm now, but sooner or later this thought of yours will surely cause you troubles.
Just before its too late, come out and live. Take risks even if you fail. Just don't jail yourself inside the walls of your comfort zone.
Moving out of your comfort zone might not give you the taste of success, but it surely will teach you a lesson to remember for your lifetime! That one lesson will change the way you take life as or may be change your life completely, but yes, surely it'll have a big impact.
Don't be your own prisoner. Stop complaining. People who are in prisons are criminals! Don't make yourself one!
Move out of the comfort zone, live a better life.