Happiness behind the Sadness!

Life is a beautiful journey. It has its own ups and downs! Happiness, sadness, anger, live, hatred, ate the stations of this journey-the journey of life! Many a times you might have cheese your life or might be doing at this right moment too. The way life is and always hoped for a better one. Infect you might have also created perfect scenarios just the way you wanted your life to be! But we often forget the purpose of pains in life!
Everything that happens, happens for a reason! The position that your get now will help you overcome the obstacles in future! Crying and cribbing over the pains right now will not solve the problems but we'll just increase it! The attitude that you show towards the pain also helps immensely for solving the problem. Showing positive attitude will help you solve it more quicker and in a easier way! Showing the negative side to the problem, the problem will also show it's worst side possible to you!
Finding happiness behind the sadness! But how can you find happiness when you are sad? Well that's the thing we are talking about! Its not easy to find it but if you do you can conquer any problem that you come across! For this you need only ONE thing- "POSITIVE ATTITUDE"! You have positive attitude you conquer the world! Nothing can beat the positive attitude that you grow within yourself! You have positive attitude you will find hope. You find hope you find happiness!
Another major thing that you need to find the happiness behind the sadness is a simple curve on your body- the SMILE! Keep smiling and for sure you will find the happiness that is missing! It'll make your life more interesting!
"Believe" and you will be the happiest person. Start believing and you will see the change yourself! Believe for a better tomorrow and it'll happen!
Follow these things & I'm sure you'll find Happiness!
1.Positive Attitude
2.Smile through it.
3. Believe