Crowdy mess, but organized,

Sad faces, but satisfied,

Loose bodies, but running,

Comfortable seat, but tiring,

White board, but black,

Shining lights, but dark,

Loud chatter, but low,

Fast life, but slow,

Shrewd people, but nice,

Fools around, but wise,

Web of wires, but straight,

Early to reach, but late,

Fresh minds, but old,

New stories, but told,

Old tech, but new,

Good opportunity, but few,

Pile of bags, but separate,

Beautiful minds, but desperate,

Sun overhead, but nice weather,

Alone in crowd, but together!!!


Fashion Shows!!

Flowing gowns,
Beautiful and Bright!!
Skinny jeans,
Colourful and Tight!!

Luscious lipstick red shirt,
Adorning, pouted lips.
Pencil skirts, printed shirt,
Moving with swaying hips.

Corkscrewed tresses,
Piled high on the heads,
Models thin,
And looking unfed.

Heavy jewels, I bet,
On milky-white throats,
How can one forget
The drop-dead coats?

This is the glamorous world,
Of the fashion shows,
Every teen girl wishes,
Once she really grows.


"The Broken Tear"

The outside hatred
makes to stand on victory,
The confusion in mind
that resists to solve mystery,
Refuse to give up and insist to try,
surely this man'll make history;
Triumph lies behind the fear,
Feel the strength underneath
resting in solitude you bear,
Let the wet eyes now be dried
Rise up Winner!
and forget the broken tear;

The pain within
inspires to rise up and win,
Get up and take the challenge!
Despair for you is a sin,
Are you tiring up?
or you scared to grin?
there's no choice of hope,
there's no chance of end,
until you decide to begin,
Responsibilities you got
'coz thats what you dare,
Its the time for a smile to wear
Rise up Winner!
and forget the broken tear.


Proportionality Constant in Real Life

Talking about  proportionality constant it simply means that if one part increases the other part also increas with repect to it I. E if 'a' is propirtional to 'b' as 'a' increases 'b' increases with it. Also if 'a' is inversely proportional to 'b' then as a increases b decreases or vice versa. Considering this concept in our lives. In school the students who are also called teachers who are loved by a teacher a lot are more likely to get good marks , and there wont be no unnecesary loss of any marks. So we can say- "like" by teacher is directly proportional to the marks u get or inversly proportional to the marks you lose. Considering some girls who are behind boys who look handsome , rich especially we can say -The no. Of girls is directly proportional to the money you have, well this is not the case everytime. Those people who study late nights its important for them to know, -Sleep is directly proportional to your health. For those chefs over there, know - The money spent for a kg of food item is inversely proportional to the rainfall. Hardwork is directly proportional to your success. Facebook is inversely proportional with time. Expectation in luv is directly proportional to hurt. Visiting a particular shop is directly proportional to a bit of discount. Fear is directly proportion to becoming a loser. This way this concept can be brought about everywhere. Go ahead do ur own equation and pin it up on your board and make sure it helps you live a successful life.


iPhone 6

Apple spent a significant amount of its WWDC 2014 keynote focusing on iOS 8, which takes the flat iOS 7 design and only rounds it out with new features.
That means instead of a dramatic redesign, you can expect this year's mobile operating system update to tie everything together with the overarching theme of "convergence."
iOS 8 will feature tighter Mac integration while loosening the restrictions on Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. New software kits are also bringing once fragmented security and health gadgets together.
While there was no mention of an iPhone 6 or an iWatch at this year's WWDC, Apple seems to be setting the stage for a new wearable device by the time iOS 8 is ready for public release.

The new iPhone could be one of the most pivotal devices in the Cupertino brand's history - with the iPhone 5S andiPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there's a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6.

Some of you might have been expecting the iPhone 6 to have debuted in 2013, but given the iPhone's history - from the 3G onwards, there's always been a half-step S model before the next numbered iPhone - we were never going to get the 6 until 2014. In fact, it will technically be the iPhone 8 when it finally launches... but hey, who's counting these days?
One thing is for sure, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 andHTC One M8 now out in wild, Apple needs to be on its game with the new iPhone - and many believe a bigger screen is simply a must.

iPhone 6 release date
The iPhone 6 release date will be in 2014 and it's looking increasingly likely that we'll see it in September, which would fit in nicely with the rollout of the newly announced iOS 8.
Apple has launched the last few iPhones at a special event in September, so the smart money has always been on September 2014 for the iPhone 6's arrival.
Not to mention the fact that according to ifun.de Apple is restricting holidays during September for employees at German Apple Stores, which strongly suggests a new hardware launch then.

I Love You.

The day starts with you,
Not caring if there is dew,
I will always be there,
Taking your utmost care.
What life would be
If you weren't there
I would not be me
With only tears to wear.
You have made me go mad
Made me fall in love all over again
Which has vanished my pain
And helped me live again.
There is nothing much
That I want to say
But only three words
"I Love You"


Teenage- The Actual Meaning!!!

Most of the teens keep telling ‘We are teenagers and we belong to the most wonderful age’ which is termed as teenage. They believe that this age group is the best age of human beings where you learn about the real life. But how many of us have ever thought what this ‘Teenage’ actually means?? Most of the teens believe Teenage is only about surprises, enjoyment, partying with friends and hanging out for every single occasion. But Teenage actually means an age of people ranging between 13-19. This age group undergoes many changes physically and mentally. This transition period from childhood to adulthood is also termed as adolescence.
Teenage is an age where one learns what actual life is, the responsibilities they have to shoulder as an individual, and prove themselves as responsible citizens of their respective countries. I am not denying the fact that it is an age where teens should enjoy and have fun with friends but at the same time they should know their limits. There are teens, who feel they have grown up, believe that they don’t require anyone’s guidance and start taking important decisions of life. They take extreme steps to attract people and always be the centre of attraction. If they are not identified in a group or are made fun of, to impress them, these teens can go to any extent.
Teens should understand that they aren’t mature enough to take their own decisions. Teens make decisions in just seconds not realizing about the consequences of taking quick decisions which makes their lives miserable most of the times. Teenagers should take guidance from their elders to lead a joyful and contented life ahead. I am not telling that decisions made by elders should always be right but they have experienced reality of life better than us. Some teens feel they are monitored all the time and do not get the deserved freedom. But there are teens who also misuse the liberty given to them. Elders keep an eye on us so that they don’t spoil are lives and make it miserable.
 If we all teenagers understand the actual meaning of teenage, I am sure teenage is going to the best age of an individual’s life. Teenagers have exposure to so many things , they get to learn something new each and every day. So by now, I hope you would all have understood the actual meaning of teenage.
I define TEENAGE in 5e’s:


Physical Changes In Boys- 'Adam s apple' or Voice Change.

With the influence of androgens,the voice box or larynx grows in both male and female. But this growth is far more prominent in males than females, causing the male voice to deepen and sometimes abruptly because the longer and thicker folds have a lower frequency. Before puberty ,  the larynx of boys and girls is equally small. Occasionally the voice change is accompanied by unsteadiness of vocalisation in the early stages of untrained voices. Most of the voice change in males happens during their peak growth. Adult pitch is attained at an average age of 15 years, although the voice may not fully settled until the early twenties. It usually precedes the development of significant facial hair by several months to years.

Physical Changes In Girls- The Vagina

In the vagina, due to the effect of estrogen hormone,  the perenial skin keratinizes , increasing its resistance to infection. The mucosal memebrane also changes with the effect of eostrogen in the vagina, which makes it thicker and duller pink in colour in contrast to the red colour of the pre -pubertal vaginal mucosa. The mucosa memebrane is made of ephithelium and its functions include absorption and secretion. Gradually this mucosa membrane changes into a multilayered structure with superficial squamous cells. The estrogen hormone also plays a role in increasing the glycogen level , which plays an important role in maintaining the vaginal pH. Maintaining the vaginal pH is important  to prevent infections. Also when sexually aroused a whitish or yellowish , thick liquid gushes out. This effect is also because of estrogen. It is usually called vaginal discharge or leukorrhea. In the two years of the thelarche, the ovaries, uterus and the follicles in the ovaries increase in size. The ovaries contain small follicle cysts which can be viewed by ultrasound.


Let the gap fly..

We say - we are independent . Our happiness is not dependent on anyone. But the truth is , we are the big liars. Don't we often sacrifice our wishes for others ? Don't we often cry by seeing our closed ones upset, ? specially when you know your acts won't mend the tensions between you and your lovers..

This happens with those people the most who follow a set of principles in their lives.  Everyone of us who are walking on this earth follows a set of principles. These principles can be set by their ancestors or by themselves. In today's era, Youth walks on the set of principles formed by them. They do what they find correct to follow.
On the other hand, our elders have a different set of principles to follow. They believe in the customs and beliefs set by our ancestors. They believe in the power of givingHAPPINESS .
As our angels say- "Spread love wherever you go,
                            your simple step can be the breath to someone,
                               Make this birth the best of your existence,
                            Who knows if it is the last !!

Life for them is equivalent to walking on the above lines. Actually, not only for them but for everyone of us. Just the way is different. They believe in surrendering their life for others and go on to teach this to their next generation. If we say, this is what has happened in the past. Lord Rama went for 14 years exile on the orders of raja dashrath and maata kaikayi. Because their orders were his command. We (our ancestors) believe in hindu mythology. India is a culture-rich country where all the gods are worshipped equally and with great enthusiasm. And a follower(bhakt) always follows its idol/god. Thus, our parents never think about going against their god(parents) untill and unless its about the dignity of their(our) country. And i say...there is nothing wrong in this. 

Considering the ideologies and perspective of the two generations , it will be an injustice to call any one of them wrong. Each one of the two is moving towards peace and serenity in their own ways.

Only one trait needs to be enlightened in the today's generation, that is- the power to surrender. Love them as much as you can. Do as they say whenever possible. Never try to impose your things on them, this way you are insulting them. I am not asking you to stand against your principles. But,  Don't ignore them as well. For example- If you think that a girl should not kill her dreams and their brother/partner should help them in household work. Then you will have to do both the things first. Do wonderfully at both the places. In the mean time take the support of your male partners. Make them so comfortable in the work that they start enjoying it. In this way a time will come when you won't be burdened to do the household work. When your male partners will start supporting you then the elders won't have any problem. Be calm and composed while introducing your point of view. Teach them like they don't know anything about it.

For the parents- You are the soul of every child's life. They are truly incomplete without you. You are the one who give life to their wings. You wish them a successful life in every second of your life. But, what will happen if their will be no soul in that life...
                                                  Give the ones you love
                                                   wings to fly,
                                                   roots to come back
                                                 and the  reasons to stay
                                                                       - dalai lama

Your kids are born with different wings that will cover different hieghts. They need fresh air to breathe. They can walk according to you but they are loosing their fragerance in the course of it. And no flower can bloom in the absence of aroma.

They don't want to hurt you. But, they want to go out of the cage that you have closed them in. They want to explore different skies. They want to experience what they have learnt from you and their teachers. Or i should say- they want to check if that really exist. It's not that they don't trust you. They are curious , just like einstein was after science. And curosity is the mother of invention. If they discover something contradictory to what you believe then accept that. Because all of us are human beings, we can be wrong at some times. If you think the child is wrog then explain it how,..as it is curious. Don't say society won't accept. Their are many times when society has criticized but at the end has accepted. So, let its inner grace grow. Let the knowledge prosper.

And the time will come when the people will forget ..What  The  Generation Gap IS.  They will just remember the two lovely birds of different ages living HAPPILY...:)  



Homework is quiet a load,
Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Maths.
Oh god!!..we have so much to learn,
And difficult tests to take.

Homework give us no time to relax,
And these tests give us no time to breathe.
I have to do a lot of hard work,
And there is no substitution for it.

Geography home work is a burden,
It would be better if i could stroll in the garden.
Chemistry often throws chemicals at history,
And it actually becomes difficult to solve this mystery.

History then starts a battle,
A matter which becomes difficult to settle.
In physics, I have almost lost my patience,
Instead I wait for a long vacation.

I wish this burden of homework ends soon
And I get a chance of playing and enjoying all day!!!

Physical Changes in Girls- Menstruation and fertility.

The first menstrual bleeding is referred to as menarche, which typically occurs about two years after thelarche. Thelarche is a term used to refer the onset of secondary breast development. The experience of menarche, is different for different girls, it may happen when they are between the age group 11 to 16. The time period between the menstrual period also known as menses, is not always regular in the first two years. Ovulation may or may not be accompanied with the earliest menses, but it is necessary for fertility. Initiation of ovulation after menarche is inescapable. Those girls with irregularity in menstrual cycle for a long period of time are at a higher risk of prolonged irregularity and reduced fertility.


Tech Trends reviews

A tech-savvy never fails to come into limelight because its inventions come out of the box that engenders a revolutionized era. A decade ago, e-classes, online trading, social media marketing, e-business was out of question. But today, the world speaks e-language. After English, Hindi, French if a company demands for any other language then it’s e-language. It won’t be wrong to call our globalised world as e-world as today, international and national clients, technocrats and   business giants   invents new business deals online.
One internet connection connects million of clients / users at a time. Thus, giving rise to new business deals in few seconds.  Whatsapp is prominent in this area.
The period between 2004-2013 has revolutionized the world. Let’s peep what new our technocrats have for us-
1)      High-inched tablets to reach aliens: Android phones and i-pad minis were an era. And what 2014’s gadgets will be bringing that will be a new era. Today nobody is alien to the gadget world. But, still…if somebody is , then Motorola has a gift for those people in the form of Moto G.  Motorola is entering after 2 years with Moto G. It is all set to hit the markets with its two variants-8GB and 16 GB of 4.5 inch 720p screen. Latest version of android, i.e. android 4.4(kitkat) will be revotutionalize the use of smartphones.  Click pics, download new apps and games, movies like never before now. Its 1.2 GHz quad-core snapdragon core-processor backed by 1 GB RAM will blow your mind.  While Nokia Lumia 1320 will be highlighting its 6-inch clearblack (720p) display that will be running on 3,400mAh battery.
It is easy to use and compatible with the user.

On the other hand, January has fresh-started 2014 with the launch of A-3 sized Panasonic tough pad 4K UT-MB5. It is a 20 inch tablet backing a 4K resolution targeting architects and photographers at the top.
Although it requires little maintenance but, it will make drinking and eating ecstatic when orders will be made through the in-built food apps.

2)      Ultra HD 4K to magnify TV’s and phones’ operations: Good news for the FIFA fans. 2014 FIFA world cup (brazil) and Sochi winter Olympics are going to be screened on HD 4K screens to make people experience live-match at home. While Netflix and Sony’s video unlimited services is planning to embed in 4K content by the end of 2014. This means, viewers will be watching their favorite shows like never before with the clarity in picture quality.
“Unlike 3D, 4K has the legs to become an industry norm” says Sam Rosen, practice director at analysts ABI Research, “but it will take time for the necessary infrastructure, installed base of devices and content to come together”.  Ultra video smoothly gels up with the ace softwares like DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Suite that gives an A-rated performance.

3)      3D printing to upside down the world: 3D printers are going to cater 75% of the market by 2014.  This marks the development of gadget savvy world in India. The improved designing and streamlined prototyping of the 3D printers will make 3D printing cost effective and attractive to showcase the soul of a model-design.
“We can expect to see more virtual world merging such as 3D-printing software   which is letting fans of the construction computer game Mine craft bring their creations into the real world”- says Curren.

HP is all set to make its entry with 3D printing, expecting to turn the game in its favor again. Aviation and space industries are planning to use 3D printing to design jet engines, satellites etc.

4)      Internet cribs personal space: Google Glass is one invention that is acting as a plethora of emotions, excitement and innovation inside everybody’s heart. Athletes will be able to strava Run with the help of GPS technology, Travelers will be able to navigate in the right direction and a lot more. Before this internet has marked its presence in WiFis and pocket-sized mobile phones.
The hunger is rising. It wants to spread wide to better its performance. 
Wait for the day when internet will bring low power devices in its range of signals and people will stop cribbing about speed.
“Ofcom is currently investigating the possibility of using the old analogue TV channels, known as ‘white space’ , to trial a new “weightless standard” which could allow small, low power connected devices to talk to each other. “ says John-Paul Rooney , partner and patent attorney at Withers & Rogers.
Rooney further thinks that sophisticated cooking and heating devices will be able to adjust their switches on the basis of movement of the vehicle. Definitely a gift for all the working ladies.
5)      Video hijacking the web: Till today YouTube is known for watching favorite shows and teasers but now what is going to come is completely out of your imagination. It will slide the world on wheels for you and you will be wondering about how it has happened. Data downloads are expected to exceed 70GB per month by 2017. It is because of the HEVC (high efficiency video coding) , the video compression technology to make streaming 4K videos possible.

6)      Smartphones to adopt  metal: A Smartphone user always always takes care that lest its smartest smartphone does not swim inside the swimming pool or break down. It’s because of its sensitive body material that a large sized Smartphone cannot acquire a space inside a small pocket. But now the material is changing. “All high-end smartphones become waterproof in 2014” says Cochrane.  The smartphones will be sliding inside printed-circuit boards soon that will make them water-proof and damage resistant.  You can shape them according to your pocket as they will be thinner and flexible.

Curren thinks that a curved smart phone and a smart watch could be the same thing then.

7)      Smartphones will remain the center: With the coming up of Google glasses, Google galore, Smart watches smartphones have not lost their reign. They are still the emperor of the tech kingdom. Doctors use them inside the operation theatres to operate simple and smooth tech-based operations on the patients, teachers mail class notes to the students immediately to their students. Moreover, wearable gadgets operate either on a smartphone or a tablet.

Teens, Possessiveness & Relationships!

The life of teens is never complete without two words which do not exist without each other.- LOVE & JEALOUSY! Where there is love there has to be jealousy and where there is jealousy, will exist. Many teens now a days are in relationships and jealousy & possessiveness are integral parts of it. Most of the times the boys are possessive towards the girl. They don't like girls talking to other boys. It makes them feel insecure. But, they don't understand that it is just girls are being friendly. Being in a relationship doesn't mean that girls cant talk to boys. On the other hand the situation is pretty much the same. Some girls are too possessive that they don't even allow boys to talk to girls.Some people might be okay with it but some might not!
This can cause many problems in relationships. If the trust and love isn't strong then it'll surely be the reason behind the break up. All teens in a relationship you should know that being possessive will just increase the problems except in some exceptional cases where your partner loves you a lot and doesn't want to lose you. The cause of being possessive is the lack of trust. If you have the trust on your partner then you would not be possessive! Being possessive will pop up questions in yur partner's mind about how much you trust him/her. This can lead to problems also.
Well, your intention might not be to hurt your partner nor it wouldn't mean that you don't trust your partner. Teens you gotta understand that your partner is possessive not because he/she feels insecure or doesn't trust you but he/she cares for you, loves you and doesn't want to lose you! Don't possessiveness into something else and break your relationship! Follow it and you will surely prosper in your relationship!
One thing in the end:- "Relationship isn't a game. Its about feelings. If you don't have them don't make some else's your."

The magic of Self-Control

Self control! The two words that can mean a lot but in two different ways. It just depends on the thinking of the person. The mentality! But many people don't know what magic Self control can do if its power is in our hands! But when not in hands it just can't be controlled!
The power of self control is something which can bring heaven on earth! It can make you do wonders. It can take you to heights which you yourself can't imagine. Keeping a self controlled mind will help you concentrate more and more on more important issues like studies. You do a commitment along with great deal of self control it'll surely help you get better grades! Having self control will also help you to get rid if the urge to enjoy during exams. It'll also make you happy! Confused? I'll explain! There might be people pulling u down from your success and for sure you will take a step or two early to prove them wrong even without thinking anything. This might lead you to a number if problems. Having self control at times like these will help you wait for the right time and also reap better and positive benefits!
The negative aspects of self control! Not having self control is like a house without a roof. Eventually, you will not be safe! Same way, not having self control will also not keep you safe! The only reason why rapes happen is because the culprit didn't have any SELF CONTROL. See what he has done! Many incidents like these put you in deep deep trouble if you don't have self control!
You have read how one same thing can give two different results! This is what life teaches us! Choose the best one always and it'll take you to the right path!
Folks! Just one thing to say in the end, one small piece of learning which all should keep in mind- " Self Control will surely take you to places, but it depends on which bus you catch!".


Friendship among Teens!!

Parties, Hangouts, Get-together,
Is what every teen strives for.
Teens really don't any occasion,
To spend time with friends.

For them friends are just everything.
Having friends in and around,
Is what makes their life complete,
And always feel happy and contented.

There is always non-stop talks and gossips,
Which really doesn't seem to have an end.
Keeping their volumes low is really tough
But nonetheless they are amazing!!

The bond of friendship among teens,
Doesn't seem to really fade.
Supporting each other at good and bad times,
Is what every teen loves to do.

To realize the importance of friendship,
Teenagers are the best teachers.
Cause they know what actual friendship means:-
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!!


"I Think We Need To Share Our Passwords too"

There comes a time in relationships when ur girlfriend or boyfriend asks you your facebook password or of any other account. What could that mean, it might mean that your friend thinks that your relationship has reached a good height and wants to take things to a higher level. It could also mean your friend is expecting you to trust him/her. Or some friends who are kind of possessive want to check on you if you have a connection with any other person. Or sometimes for those people who play games on facebook, it could be a helpful idea to send themselves gifts and other help. But before giving our password we must think twice, cause it might lead to a break up or it might be a progressive step in your relationship. Give the password if u really trust the person, and believe no harm would be caused. Also knowing the exact reason for its requirement a password can be given. But if you dislike the idea and think that by not giving a password doesnt mean you dont trust him or her, convince your friend of some personal stuff in your account. And also tell that you need some space for yourself if you are gonna feel like everything you do would be getting noticed. But be a kind hearted person, dont try to hide things from your partner, showing your partner the account once telling what you do is enough for those in true love. And dont try to flirt with other person, just because your partner doesnt ask you your password. As sometimes the person who. You are chatting with might have given his/her password to his/her loved one and thus you would be the reason for their parting. So with the password issue, be careful as its your own account , your profile and your whole life. Think twice before you give what is yours. Make sure it doesnt get misused. Believe in your decisions and try to make the most of your time with your partner in reality than on a social network.


Youngs Modulus in Real Life

Young's modulus is a term that comes in physics under the topic elasticity. Young's modulus is = Stress/Strain. The words stress and strain seem kind of similar to us. Strain according to physics is defined as  change in the dimension by original length. Considering strain in real life, change in dimension happens when there is an external force similarly we too sometimes by the force of parents or teachers or friends or any other source we try to do something more than our capacity. We over pressurize ourselves to meet excessive demands. At one point of time the the object being stretched also breaks similarly even we reach a stage where we might injure ourselves or cause mechanical or mental deformation to ourselves. In physics this point is called Breaking point and that breaking point of our life can be seen as the breaking of our own health. If this change in dimension is nearer to the original dimension there is a less chance of any damage occurring, same way if we too do as much as our body can we will be healthy and fit when seen from a long term basis. So we need to do how much our capacity supports and also keep in mind the quote " Too much of something is bad".  Talking about stress, it is defined as force/area. Stress is what causes strain. Considering the area term to be building up of undone work and other problems which are affecting us in numerous ways, if the area is less then it implies there is a lot of undone work which has to be completed. If the area is more then it simply implies that we are free of work, free time for ourselves and everything has been done time to time, leaving no one unsatisfied with your work. Talking about Force, it is something inevitable, due to different expectations from different people , we face a little amount of force asking us to do this or that. Also we face force in relationships when there is too much of Strain and we cannot give tine for our loved ones or special ones. Keeping these meanings of stress and strain as a part of our life and not only physics, and considering Young's modulus to be our Health, Health = Stress/Strain. :)

Awesome Teen Age!!

Dealing with a Teen,
Is rather complicated,
Getting things done,
Is what they know very well.

Teenage is an intermediate,
Of childhood and adulthood.
People refer teenage as teenache,
But these teens don't care.

Teens live the way they are,
Chilled out, not a care in this world.
Gossiping is an addicted drug in teens,
And is indeed difficult to get through.

Life of teens just rocks,
Active all the time,
Ready for any challenge.
This is what teen age is!!


Physical Changes in Boys- Muscular and Bone growth.

As we reach adolescence there is an increase in the bone weight resulting into heavier bones. Also some of the bone growth results in the increase in shoulder width and jaw thus resulting in noticeably different male and female skeletal shapes. Also the muscle starts to develop during the later stages. This muscle growth continues even after puberty and the rate of growth is also a bit higher. Also we start to experience a term called Gynecomastia,  which is the hardening of nipples in a male . This is not permanent. This happens because of the development of fat pads in the male breast tissue and nipples. We start to gain strength and stamina during this stage so it is required to keep ourselves healthy during this period to avoid future consiquences.

I Will Follow My Dreams!!

I get teased, I feel ignored,
People laugh at me,
But no matter what,
I will follow my dreams.
Dreams are not dreamt,
To please people,but
To feel happy and contented.
I don't want to follow the crowd,
Neither the fame.
I know my dreams has lot of scope,
And I am sure i will succeed.
I am not gonna walk in the same shoes,
Neither gonna sail in the same boat,
Cause i am clear, no matter what,
I am gonna follow my heart!!


Teens & Politics

Politics doesn't interest any teens until they are like me. We hardly see any teens talking about politics! But teens have you ever thought you are gonna vote once upon a time and also be a part of the government & the political regime? Teens you must start taking interest into politics. After all you are gonna be yourself or see your friends in the parliament in the near future. You are the future citizens of the country,  the position now held by your parents teachers etc etc. People come into politics for either two reasons! Firstly- To live happily enjoy, earn good money and do nothing! Second, people who are selfless and who wanna do something for the country! They want to see a change! And if you don't know anything about politics how are you gonna chose who are the latter? You must know how the present government is working, and accordingly choose the next government! A vote can change your your life for the bad or the good! Its all upon you to decide! Interests in politics also keeps you updated with current affairs and eventually improves your GK! So what are you waiting for? Get going, love politics and see the political change in you! Happy politics! :)


What to do when you aren't called to Parties?

Teenage is an age when we go to the most number of parties ever. Each small occasion accounts for a party. Birthday party, send off party, class topper party, found a girl friend party etc. There aren't other reasons we teens find to go to parties. Many a times it happens that you aren't called to a party thrown by your friend even though you had called him/her. This will surely trigger the anger in you. You will think ways to spoil their mood so that they don't enjoy their party. You will also find ways to cancel out the party. Well folks, believe me that is surely not gonna help. During this situations you have to be cool and calm. Doing the above mentioned things will not only work but will also spoil friendship with the people attending the party. This will be your loss. Well people not inviting you to the party can be a loss for them and not you. There are many reasons which will surely give you satisfaction of not being called to the party. The reasons are not same for all the people. You yourself have to find out the reasons. If you can't find any, then there is definitely a problem with you. You have to solve it as soon as possible. But yes, don't forget to wish/congratulate the person who threw the party and didn't invite you. This will be the best way you can take a revenge because this will surely piss them in a way or two. Eventually you will win and you won't be criticized for not being a egoistic person. Other thing, wherever the party is don't march into the place whatsoever. Not even with your family or other people. This will bring down the respect if you had it. Friends believe me I know what it is like not being invited and acting crazy and eventually apologizing for the wrong doings. Adios & enjoy your parties!

When I first met you!!

When I first met you,
You were loving and caring.
Always stayed on my side,
And never left me alone.

My heart fluttered like a butterfly,
My knees grew weak,
My face got red like a tomato,
Every time you said 'I Love You'.

But on day,
A lie made a big difference.
I didn't know what was wrong,
I thought  I am going insane.

For you, it was just a break up.
But never thought,
About me and my feelings,
And left me alone in this world.

I lay on my bed days together,
And could not stop crying.
Only wished everything was same as before.
But alas!..that wasn't possible.

I ruined my crucial years of life,
For the love which had no meaning.
I tried to move on,
But it was too late.

Teen love is the worst love,
You get betrayed from the world
You start ignoring everyone,
Thinking that is the only solution.
So, never believe in this conditional love.


Physical changes in Girls- Breast Development

This is considered to be the first physical sign of puberty in girls. There is an extension or a lump observed in the areola region. The areola region is the dark coloured area which is usually different from that of the adjacent skin. This is found in the surrounding areas of the nipples. We develop this at around the age of 11 years. This process of breast development takes place in stages.
Stage 1: Development of a flat pre-pubertal breast.
Stage 2: It is based on Tanner staging. Tanner scale also known as tanner staging is used to determine the external growth based on     primary or secondary sexual characteristics.
Stage 3: Within some months , the swelling begins which is soft and can be seen or felt. The extension is at the region of the areola.
Stage 4: They start to approach mature size and shape. A second lump is formed at this stage.
Stage 5: In some young women this lump dissapears into the matured breast. Which is a kind of exception.
Anyway the sizes are still not identifiable and depends on the 4'th and 5'th stages.

Tough life of a Teenager!!

Life as a teenager,
Is hard and always will be.
The only thing we can do,
Is to harden up.

Being a teenager,
Is not a cakewalk.
An age of ups and downs,
Is quite a Challenging one.

Expectations grow more and more,
Fulfilling them is indeed tough.
Parents run our lives according to their wish,
But never understand life is ours, we own it.

Teenage is really tough.
Lonely, Depressed, Fallen,
Is what every teen feels,and
Only wish if life was easier !!