Teenage- The Actual Meaning!!!

Most of the teens keep telling ‘We are teenagers and we belong to the most wonderful age’ which is termed as teenage. They believe that this age group is the best age of human beings where you learn about the real life. But how many of us have ever thought what this ‘Teenage’ actually means?? Most of the teens believe Teenage is only about surprises, enjoyment, partying with friends and hanging out for every single occasion. But Teenage actually means an age of people ranging between 13-19. This age group undergoes many changes physically and mentally. This transition period from childhood to adulthood is also termed as adolescence.
Teenage is an age where one learns what actual life is, the responsibilities they have to shoulder as an individual, and prove themselves as responsible citizens of their respective countries. I am not denying the fact that it is an age where teens should enjoy and have fun with friends but at the same time they should know their limits. There are teens, who feel they have grown up, believe that they don’t require anyone’s guidance and start taking important decisions of life. They take extreme steps to attract people and always be the centre of attraction. If they are not identified in a group or are made fun of, to impress them, these teens can go to any extent.
Teens should understand that they aren’t mature enough to take their own decisions. Teens make decisions in just seconds not realizing about the consequences of taking quick decisions which makes their lives miserable most of the times. Teenagers should take guidance from their elders to lead a joyful and contented life ahead. I am not telling that decisions made by elders should always be right but they have experienced reality of life better than us. Some teens feel they are monitored all the time and do not get the deserved freedom. But there are teens who also misuse the liberty given to them. Elders keep an eye on us so that they don’t spoil are lives and make it miserable.
 If we all teenagers understand the actual meaning of teenage, I am sure teenage is going to the best age of an individual’s life. Teenagers have exposure to so many things , they get to learn something new each and every day. So by now, I hope you would all have understood the actual meaning of teenage.
I define TEENAGE in 5e’s: