When I first met you!!

When I first met you,
You were loving and caring.
Always stayed on my side,
And never left me alone.

My heart fluttered like a butterfly,
My knees grew weak,
My face got red like a tomato,
Every time you said 'I Love You'.

But on day,
A lie made a big difference.
I didn't know what was wrong,
I thought  I am going insane.

For you, it was just a break up.
But never thought,
About me and my feelings,
And left me alone in this world.

I lay on my bed days together,
And could not stop crying.
Only wished everything was same as before.
But alas!..that wasn't possible.

I ruined my crucial years of life,
For the love which had no meaning.
I tried to move on,
But it was too late.

Teen love is the worst love,
You get betrayed from the world
You start ignoring everyone,
Thinking that is the only solution.
So, never believe in this conditional love.