A Unique Lyf of Teens!!

Awesomest , Coolest , Funkiest,
Is what a teen life is!!
Lost in their own world of craziness,
Not a care in this world.

Laptops , I-pods , Phones,
Completes their fantasy world!!
Facebook , Whatsapp ,social sites,
Is what they are really addicted to.
Without them their day doesn’t seem to end.

Photography is an inset drug,
Pose for a selfie , Pose for a click.
Is what every teen strives to do,
Whenever and wherever they are.

Girls always want to look thin and tall,
And try out with pencil heels and funky shoes.
On the other hand boys with less choices,
Always want to be fit and strong.

Relationships, Break-Ups, Crushes,
Is very common in teen‘s life.
Their equation of life is a complex one,
Love, Laugh, Live, etc, etc….They have so much to sought!!