Sibling Relationships & Teens

Teens all around the world have a problem with their siblings. Whether they are the elder ones or the younger ones, they always have a problem. The elder ones complain that the younger ones are getting more benefits than they are. The younger ones are using my things and other thousands of silly complains. We never realise that they are interested in the things we do. They are curious to know what's so interesting. They too want to try out and be like their elder siblings. They want to follow their siblings footsteps. We get furious over it and often get angry. Sometimes anger also turns into violence. These are signs of bad sibling relationship. The violence might have a negative impact on the younger siblings and this might lead to other numerous problems.
     The younger ones say that their elder ones are given permission to go out and why not us. Younger siblings never look after their age. They will get what their elder siblings are getting when time comes. There is not gonna be any restriction once the right time has come. Simply complaining will not help. But, it'll increase the problems for you. More complaining will lead to parents getting more frustrated and this will delay your freedom period.
 All teens, younger, elder, or both.. dont complain a time will come when everything will go your way and yes, respect your siblings! :)