"I Think We Need To Share Our Passwords too"

There comes a time in relationships when ur girlfriend or boyfriend asks you your facebook password or of any other account. What could that mean, it might mean that your friend thinks that your relationship has reached a good height and wants to take things to a higher level. It could also mean your friend is expecting you to trust him/her. Or some friends who are kind of possessive want to check on you if you have a connection with any other person. Or sometimes for those people who play games on facebook, it could be a helpful idea to send themselves gifts and other help. But before giving our password we must think twice, cause it might lead to a break up or it might be a progressive step in your relationship. Give the password if u really trust the person, and believe no harm would be caused. Also knowing the exact reason for its requirement a password can be given. But if you dislike the idea and think that by not giving a password doesnt mean you dont trust him or her, convince your friend of some personal stuff in your account. And also tell that you need some space for yourself if you are gonna feel like everything you do would be getting noticed. But be a kind hearted person, dont try to hide things from your partner, showing your partner the account once telling what you do is enough for those in true love. And dont try to flirt with other person, just because your partner doesnt ask you your password. As sometimes the person who. You are chatting with might have given his/her password to his/her loved one and thus you would be the reason for their parting. So with the password issue, be careful as its your own account , your profile and your whole life. Think twice before you give what is yours. Make sure it doesnt get misused. Believe in your decisions and try to make the most of your time with your partner in reality than on a social network.