Fitting in with other Teens

We cannot live without friends. We try to do something impressive , we tried to become someone else just for others to accept us. Becoming friends strengthens us and puts our faith to a test. Some friends with different interests might be friendly to us and we might not be happy with it because of our own likes, but sometimes it may be the only way to fit in a group. To accept the other person before he accepts you. Also it is very important for us to choose good friends and not those who do drugs etc, though we may consider it cool. If you are being forced also it is needed to say no, though sometimes it might mean losing of friends , rejection etc, but if you have true friends they will just admire you for who you are. It is very important to be who we are inside and not change just because of the situation unless its the only situation. Never pretend to be something else when it comes to love because it may become hasty and when you change after you are being loved the whole connection between you both gets disrupted. Friendship does not come about by pretending to be someone else or by impressing others for their acceptance. It comes by being ourselves. It requires honesty to have a true friendship, and then you can start to spend time together as you will have developed the faith that it will last forever. But we should not go too far just to fit in. We need to be in our limits too and forget if we are asked more then what is required to fit in , even though it hurts. But let them accept you for who you are as that is what is most important in friendships.