Teens & Jealousy

Jealousy is something teens can't live without. Jealousy runs in their blood. Each every teen in their school life must have felt jealous because of a person or over a person. It is the feeling which can't be resisted. Best friends, enemies, love birds all have jealousy in them. Two enemies are jealous because the other person might have something which he might not have. Two friends are jealous because one if the friends might be famous while the other might not be. Love birds are jealous because they are scared that someone might take over their loved. Well, these are just a few examples which might be true in some cases while not in others. Many a times jealousy destroy friendships, relationships and sometimes might also become the cause of friendship between two people against the same guy/girl. Jealousy is a major part of all girls' life rather than boys', well for obviously known reasons. There is no way to escape jealousy unless u have a great deal of self control! Enjoy life with jealousy cause it gets interesting as days pass. Believe me friends, telling from my own experiences!