Attention Seeking Behaviour & Teens

Attention seeking behaviour in teens is very common. It is mostly in this age group where this type of behaviour is widespread. A child that wants attention will get it by some means. This is usually done in a positive way. They make some drawing or perform a play and seek attention but that’s not the case in teens. Most teens enjoy when they are the centre of attraction. It is exciting for the individual to have other people who are interested in them. For some teens this desire for attention can drive in using maladaptive behaviours but this does not help them in a long run. Attention seeking behaviour in teens can be dangerous due to many reasons. To name a few,

  1. The individual may put his/her own health in danger for seeking attention. 
  2. Teens engaging themselves in such type of behaviour find it difficult in developing lasting and meaningful relationships. 
  3. This type of behaviour is going to have an impact on their academics also.

Teens tend to get into this type of behaviour when the individual is dealing with low-esteem, felling very lonely. The most common reason for teens doing this kind of behaviour is in order to make one feel like a very valuable person. It is rightly said that if one makes up his/her mind he/she can definitely succeed. Teens can overcome this type of behaviour by increasing their self esteem and developing emotional sobriety. They will be happy in their own skin and no longer feel a need to be the centre of attention.