The Generation of Couch Potatoes!

Days are gone when teens used to play in blistering heat during the summer holidays, days are gone when teens used to stay outside the house.. Now times have changed. Generation gas changed. Teens are now hardly seen outside. They hardly come out of their houses. They stay in front of idiot boxes or comps playing video games. They have become couch potatoes. There is no kind movement if the body. No physical movement increases risk of getting numerous problems.. Obesity is one of the top diseases caused. Many teens are diagnosed with obesity. They just sit in one place and eat junk food playing video games, inviting obesity to affect their bodies. Playing video games is not a sin. Playing without any physical activity is a sin. Not doing any physical movement tightens the muscles and it becomes very difficult to move our body more freely. Continuously staying in front of screens for a long period of time also causes eye problems. The blue light emitted from the screens causes eye strain and prevents  you from getting good sleep.. Outdoor activity is a must. Any sport should be played in a day. It not only keeps us fit but also releases stress from the body.