The 15th Prime Minister of India & All You Want to Know About Him

And finally India get's the PM it wants! After months of campaigning and rallying the Bharatiya Janatha Party(BJP) has won the elections with a clear majority which no other party was able to do since 1984. This was all possible only because of one man Mr.Narendra Modi. Gujarat Chief Minister for 13yrs, Mr. Modi created the Modi wave all over India and gave Congress one of the worst ever defeats in its history. The people of India have lots of expectations from Mr.Modi because of the brilliant work he has done in the India state of Gujarat. NaMo has he is called had done many sacrifices all his life to be very he is now. First he sold tea at one of the Railways Stations in Gujarat and supplemented his father's earnings. As a tradition, Mr. Narendra Modi was engaged at the age 13. At the age of 18, he left his house to pursue his ambition. He worked for many years in different ashrams or religious houses and served the people there. He then went away to the Himalayan Foothills, where he again served the people. During this period Mr. Narendra Modi was in constant contact with the RSS, through which he was inducted into the BJP. He is one of the very few people in politics who are 'clean & non-corrupt'. After being replaced as the CM of Gujarat in 2001, a year later the state was hit by one of the worst communal riots. Many people named him as the culprit, but the Supreme Court Of India declared him as clean. He then went on to win the elections for Gujarat 3 consecutive terms. When he was declared as the Prime Ministerial Candidate by the BJP, there was no doubt that he wouldn't be elected. The people wanted to see some change in India and saw that change in Mr.Narendra Modi. Hope, he fulfills everyone's expectations and comes out clean too.