Teens and lies

Why do we lie? Reasons are enormous but usually it is to gain attention or to safeguard yourself or to protect the truth. We teen's need to understand that lying can be serious. If the lie is for our needs then we need to understand that we need to prove ourselves that we are capable and fulfill our needs. If the lie is for protection of others for example during exams we see our friends copying and when the teacher questions us we say no, this way we are only spoiling our friends and helping them in reducing their talents. We need to always speak the truth when it comes to matters of love. We should not cheat anyone by lying to them , though you may receive fun and pleasure out of it the opposite person's life could be spoilt. One lie can save a friendship for only some period of time till the truth is known but one truth builds the friendship if you are forgived and always truth is better if you are forgiven or not. Lying to right the wrong can be accepted , even deception specialists have accepted this but we must always make sure that our lie should not hurt others feeling. Hurt them with the truth but dont spoil them with your lies. So its always you who has to decide, whatever your doing truth always helps you if you are doing the right thing or if you are doing the right thing the wrong way or the wrong thing. We have to say infinite lies to cover one lie but one truth can save infinite lies from happening.