Positivity, Teens have?

Life is about staying happy. Happiness is one thing that keeps us going. But do we always stay happy? There are times when people often get problems especially teens. They get sad, depressed and leave hopes. But friends, always remember staying positive brings in a new lease of life. Thinking positive boosts our self esteem and also self confidence. Thinking negatively can have a negative effect on the brain as well as the entire body. Positive thinking changes our attitude towards the problem and we can easily solve the problem. Negativity brings down our self confidence and pushes us towards giving up. Giving up can put you into deeper problems. Instead of decreasing the problem it'll the increase the difficulties. Staying positive always will keep you happy even during difficult times and will help you enjoy the moment you are living in. Staying positive will also reduce stress and tension. Teens, stay positive stay happy. :)