Teens & Loneliness

In this busy and fast moving world, many teens are left behind because they can't cope up with it. This often makes they left away from the world. They start feeling lonely and alone. They don't know what to do. This increases the chances of loneliness. Research shows that loneliness is a killer. It is equal to drinking 15 cigarettes. Prolonged loneliness will lead to many disorders.  Teens can start doing drugs, may join a group of bandits/bad influential people to get rid of loneliness. This will spoil them. They can lead to wrong and unwanted paths. Loneliness can be best cured when you change your mindset that "YOU" are not alone in this world. There are billions of people and you can become their companions. Involving in sports activities, social services etc, can also remove the feeling of  loneliness. Keep yourself and your mind involved into something. Not doing anything will get you to start thinking again about loneliness. Read a book, watch tv, listen to music. Connecting and spending some time with family also helps  lot. It will do two things- Remove the feeling and loneliness & it will help you get to know your family more better. Another best way to forget about loneliness is by following Teen-o-Network and connecting with us. Follow these things and its for sure that you'll forget what is loneliness! All the best!