Hormonal changes in Teens

We are called teenagers for a reason. In this age we experience many changes in ourselves. They are different in boys and girls and indicate that we have reached puberty. It is an exciting time in a teens life as it is the transition from childhood to adulthood but it has its side effects too leading to substance abuse. The changes are different in boys and girls. Usually we start to sweat a lot and develop acne. And important part of it is the feeling of emotions which we could never even think of.We start to have mood swing s , trouble in sleeping and girls especially have to deal with the premenstrual syndrome. Also we start developing feelings for certain people and and have a rush of hormones when we are with them. Sometimes it can be painful, annoying and irritating usually for boys when their hormones kick in and for some people its just happiness and pleasure to be with the opposite sex. We must have a good friendship but not develop feeling for others in a way not meant for us. Because when this happens we start to understand the other person's feelings and emotions and we will be hurt when these same emotions are seen with other people too. You will develop the feeling of not being special but teens always know you will be loved and cared but this phase of life just prepares you for your future so you make full use of it and  invite your future with experience.