Teen-Parent Relationship

Parents are a essential part of everyone's life. They are the reason we are here in this beautiful world. They sacrifice many things just for us. They are our friends. We have the right to approach them anywhere, anytime. They scold us but remember they do so only for our benefit. They dont have any grudge as such. They want us to succeed in our life and move in the right path. They often scold us and also hit us for some reasons which we might think our silly. But no, they know better. They have had many life experiences than us. They know what is good and what is bad. We are everything for them in their lives. They always think of keeping us happy whether they are or not. We, on the other hand disrespect them and make them feel dejected. We should understand that what they do is going to benefit us now or in the coming near future. We should follow their advice in certain situations where they have more experience. Asking advice for the choosing a hobby would be silly because you might not have the same interest in the stuff they have. We might have fun going for late night parties and pubs, but parents know the danger in doing so. Taking drugs might be cool for us but only our parents know the consequences thereafter. Teens, respect your parents, follow their advice and lead a happy life ahead.