Self-esteem & Teens

Self-esteem means you really like yourself, both inside and out. It refers both to how you look and what you believe in. This is also called "positive" or "high" self-esteem. You feel good when you pass a test with flying colours, win a competition on which you have been working hard day and night or probably when you are appreciated by a group of people. But when someone makes you a laughing stock among the crowd you feel dumb or left out of the action. At that moment you start wishing if you could be someone else or have a changed look. Many types of questions start arising in your mind. This is the time you get de-motivated. This is "negative" or "low" self-esteem. For teenagers, dealing with physical changes and pressures can seem overwhelming. As their journey starts through puberty, criticism, academic, athletic, peer pressures, dating challenges, hormonal changes and a host of body concerns mixed with their own search for self cause many teens to struggle with self-esteem issues. This really becomes a major problem in teens. But there is nothing to worry. Teens can solve this problem in various ways such as
  •  Focusing on experiences , not appearances- One should not judge another on their looks but look at their experience in any field. This will help one another build up their self –esteem. 
  •  Taking responsibilities- Teens can develop their self-esteem by taking up responsibilities, work upon them and get appreciated by others. 
  •  Developing your individuality- One should not live to make others happy indeed do thing which bring them happiness. Believing in oneself will definitely help the teens develop sef-esteem. 
So do your best, be happy and believe in yourself.