Teen and Nature

Albert Einstein said,"look into nature and you will understand everything". In our day to day life we may not spend time with nature much but when we do we get that special feeling no one can give. The silence in the outside world. The peace. The anger you get just washes away within you when you go talk to nature. Also nature helps us get back our mood to do almost anything. The talks to the plants , the lonely walks or walking with someone special on a cold night , the credits go to the nature. Nature provides us with memories. Also if we observe with enormous attention we can even get inspired looking at the things happening around us. It helps us discover who we are and allows us to inculcate the positives from it. The music of nature is also so pleasant. It frees us from depression. So every teenager must make some time with nature because a good nature could provide you qith the feeling of heaven. It is the fuel for our soul. We need to connect with nature. Always know teenagers question everything that happens in nature and dont stop yourself from finding the answers as that is how nature teaches you and wants us to learn. Always remember this quote," The trees that take longer time to grow , bear the best fruit"