Go waterproof this year.

As time proceeds,
Priority changes,
Aspirations modify,
Needs changes...
Life becomes vast and privacy submerges.
It is very normal for you to create mess in the early morning while leaving for work, and in this race your smartphone must have slipped out of your hands to swim inside water.
Awful situation...isn't it??

Yeah it is ! Definitely it is !
But don't you worry now. Your smartphone will stay healthy even after the cold water bath. Technocrats have come up with the waterproof smartphones that are not only water friendly but are innovation friendly also. Yes, they are at your doorsteps with all new exciting features.

1) Samsung galaxy S5 :  The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best waterproof smartphones you can buy right now. Officially this is only water-resistant, but it offers the same 30 minutes at three feet protection as pretty much any smartphone on this list.
It also offers a S view flip cover case and a wireless charging galaxy S5 back that offers other features with the same flexibility as others do.

2) Sony Xperia 21S - it lets you click photographes underwater and fulfills your desire to click your favourite picture. All the photo freaks out there, isn't it a good news for you?
Yeah , it is !!
Now let me explain how it works-
Take Sony Xperia 21s 4 and the 1/2 feet under water for 30 minutes provided its 1/2 inch bigger in size than the other smartphones.
Added features:
It is imbibed of a camera app that allows the users to download more camera features right into the stock.

3) iPhone 5s:  you get an iPhone that is now able to survive 6.6 feet underwater for up to an hour. that's twice as deep and twice the time as the Galaxy S5.
the waterproof iPhone 5s case can keep it safe from drops, dust and snow. This case should protect the iPhone 5s from drops of up to 6.6 feet.