Android L

Android developers have come up with their all new invention, Android L.  Google seems all excited to take up this redesigned user interface in its next major mobile software.
A good news for all the bond software users ! isn’t it?
Let’s talk about its ecstatic look slated by google.
Android L has a sleek, neat, and a material design of new interface that is meant to endorse a seamless experience to the users. It can be used on all types of screens whether it’s a watch, smartphone or a tablet.
In addition to a leaner overall look, Material Design adds a few subtle nuances that make the Android experience seem more interactive and visually pleasing.
Here are they-
1)    Google has created a color palette to highlight shades and tints specifically. This adds life to the user interface elements.
2)    Apps design in Android L are more geometrical and symmetrical that makes the design appear jumpy whenever a user clicks them.
3)    Material designs used in Android L are same as that of the paper. This means designs will rise up whenever a user will open an app.
4)    Compose button in the gmail account will pop up whenever an Android L user will login its gmail account. This makes the account user friendly and teddy.
5)    Native apps in android L will show sleaky animations whenever a user will touch the screen.

Thus, Android L users are going to penetrate the market soon. Hurry up ! Bang the market soon.