When the last bell goes…!!!

Can you think of a music that is sweeter than that of the last bell? The whole school gets a thrill. It seems as the gates of the prison have opened and inmates are lining up to leave as soon as possible.

All the periods after the recess are full of boredom. The gloom reaches its height in the last period. Even the teachers know it; they also eagerly wait to get rid of students after such a long hectic day. But, every minute hangs heavily on the heads of the students. They constantly keep on looking at the needles of the watch. When there are only 5 minutes left, they start packing up. Even though their eyes are on the blackboard, their hands are busy packing the bags.

Just as the last period is about to end, the first thing that happens is the blocking of flow of knowledge into the brains of the students. The sound of the last bell fills them with sheer joy. 

One can hear their noise and shouts from quite a distance. Just like the passengers of a local train, everyone wants to come out first. The teacher tries to control them. The students obey but forget the orders immediately afterwards.

As soon as they reach the school compound, their chatter and gossips grow louder. Within few minutes the whole mad rush is over, the school wears a dreary look and becomes sad and gloomy.