Teens and Toppers

In every class there is a topper. But what kind of topper does your school have? Usually toppers have less friends and are titled as nerds so to make more friends they do what they are best at. It starts with teaching the other students with answers in exams. And this finally they make friends . But in this process the students don't understand that what they are doing will prevent them from studying. They will start to depend on the topper for their marks. And the topper though with a felling of disgust that he has to give some of his marks he has a plan. He makes sure you get depended on him and then during the final exams he gives up on you guys and also by that time you guys would have become so good friends that it is even hard to let go each other. This topper as the name suggests tops the class. The other kind of topper is one who doesn't teach you but let's you see and make sure he is not disturbed by your act and is always out of trouble. Only if you are quick enough you can copy from him or else he would be writing in a new page with the pages with the answer s below it. This kind of topper may be overtaken too if you work hard as soon you will understand its not possible to copy. Even some toppers keep everything with themselves and don't even show a piece of what he has written. Such a guy you wouldn't want to have. If pressurized he would even complain the teacher about your wrong doings. But each class has a topper. And if you are that guy make sure to be fun loving and even a bit of helping but don't let other students depend on you. Because just for your betterment you are spoiling their future and all that just for a bit of marks. Be a topper nobody would even dream of. Because to be rare is to be unique. And to be unique is to be a topper.