Are we guilty of making ourselves ill?

Ever since man came on the surface of the earth he has been continuously engaged in search of happiness. Our ancestors lived in that age when civilization had not made such progress. They had not made many scientific inventions and discoveries. All the work done by them was manual. During the modern age ,man has made much progress. Man has improved his life in every direction. There is development in technology. We have come in contact with the outside world. In spite of all material progress, a considerable harm to humanity has been done due to the various scientific inventions and discoveries.
It is said, “Science without conscience is like an untamed brute force.” Science has made the world highly competitive. This had led to tensions and mental disorders. When asked, “Are we making guilty of making ourselves ill? “I would truly say “Yes.”  We are very much responsible for making ourselves ill, no doubt, we have worked wonders in inventions but at the same time committed blunders in morals. With so much technological advancement, we have polluted the air that we breathe in. This has led to a lot of respiratory diseases. People especially younger children now suffer from chronic diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Not only air, also the water, our surroundings , have been polluted. This has led to many chronic bacterial and viral infections. The cases of diarrhoea, typhoid and malaria have increased manifold in past few years.
Also, with advancement in technology people now prefer sitting at home, watching television and playing games for recreation. Children don’t go out for outdoor activities due to the new generation is getting fatter and obese. The junk food which is easily available in market has junked the minds of teenagers. Teens now feel happier indulging in pizzas, burgers and coke, than in healthy foodies leading to sufferings from cardiac arrest and heart strokes at very early age.

Hence, it becomes very necessary for us to take an immediate action. We should take care that we don’t pollute our environment and must indulge in outdoor activities to keep our mind fresh. Junk food should be banned and if we consume there should be limited demarcated. This makes us happy and healthy.