Life isn't easy!

Many people complain about their lives. They curse all the happenings in their life and also all the people in it. But they never realize that it's their way of seeing life which is making life tough! You have a positive attitude towards life, life will be positive & easy! Its not that God is being hard on you, it is you are having a bad attitude which is being hard on you and your life!
For people who don't have any hardships in your life, then you are doing it all wrong!
Life is all about facing hardships and challenges! Just how food is without salt, life is same without challenges! When you come across a point in life where you have no challenges then you have to change the style of your living! You have back up and do something so that you face challenges and become stronger! Well, changing in the sense only for the good! By bringing challenges in your life I don't mean to say that you have to put yourself in trouble to bring about challenges & hardships!
Backing down from these challenges will never take you anywhere in life! Facing them and standing against them will not only make you stronger but also take you to heights! Always remember nothing great was achieved without any drop of sweat being made! As the old line says- "No Pain, No Gain."